Grilled Fish From Hsinchu Fish Market

Photos by MJ Klein

Hui-chen and I thought it would be a good idea to travel to the Hsinchu fish market and pick up some fish for grilling. It’s hard to beat the flavor of a nice fatty fish on the grill!

We have blogged on other fish markets before but not on this market, which is the closest one to our home in Hukou. On this day the available selections seemed a bit lighter than usual.

Before we went shopping for food, Hui-chen suggested that we eat at one of the restaurants. Yes, the hard-selling is still going on, and it’s still just as annoying! Here we see many of the wonderful greens that Taiwanese cuisine is famous for.

These are soft-shelled crabs. Each restaurant cooks a representative dish of their most popular offerings. I took some shots of the more interesting ones.

I am really not sure what the blue creatures are. When I find out I will update this post!

Naked frogs.

Hui-chen always gives me the same look when I snap a candid of her like this. We are waiting for the dishes to arrive.

This is our friend Michael Turton’s favorite: asparagus slathered in sweet mayo.

This is a sweet and sour deep fried fish (shot with flash to bring out the color of the sauce). The fish was the perfect size and the flavor was just great. I liked the sauce because it wasn’t overpowering like the sweet and sour sauces in the USA.

Standard fare: peel and eat shrimp.

After lunch we walked around the market and I spotted this carpet shark.

These are very large fish eyes just waiting for someone to buy them….

Now this is one of 2 things we came to get. I absolutely love salmon on the grill. The other thing we came to get were tuna steaks but there were not to be found. I did find a tuna subspecies tail section but I thought the price was too high.

Hui-chen carefully selected 2 beautiful salmon steaks for us.

These shots show just how nice the fish looked! Awesome!

Hui-chen wanted to get some clams for a dish she had in mind.

These are good prices for clams. 3 baskets for NT$200, or roughly US$6.

We put the fish in the freezer and took it out on Tuesday:

These are some of the blue shrimp that Shaohui had the other day.

This is a lousy shot of the salmon grilling.

And this is the final shot of a piece of grilled salmon. I cannot tell you how good this was! The fat cooked up beautifully and created smoke that flavored the meat to perfection. I loved this meal!

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