Approaching Typhoon Krosa Dumps Rain on Taiwan

Photos by MJ Klein

Today I was sitting outside at Shaohui’s, minding my own business, when the sky opened up and dumped rain on us like can only happen when a typhoon is approaching. The suddenness and intensity of the rainfall caught many people off guard as they were walking or riding scooters.


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  1. that’s wild. it was cloudy most of the day here in taipei but it barely rained.

  2. oh yeah, that’s my favorite too, thanks. i needed to show the density of the downpour and the background was great for that. btw, that was my new Sigma lens with the OS. works pretty well.

  3. Nice pictures, MJ. According to ICRT, Taiwan lost NT$800,000,000 on this one. The government will be releasing “frozen foods” to help offset the rising prices of veggies. Yuch!

  4. Patrick, you gotta be effing kidding me! oh my god, i had no idea that the figure was so high! well, it could have been worse but this is still very bad….

    i had a feeling about this one and i don’t know why. when i first saw it on the forecast map i thought “this one is a killer.” thanks for your comment Patrick and i hope you and your family were able to ride it out with no problems. take care.

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