Dangerous Category 5 Typhoon is Heading for Taiwan

This blog has more readership than our typhoon blog, so I am posting a notice here to make sure the maximun number of readers see it:

+ FORECAST OUTLOOK: KROSA is expected to continue moving NW’ly towards Northern Taiwan throughout the weekend. The 3 to 5-day forecast shows KROSA becoming an extremely catastrophic Category 5 Super Typhoon with winds reaching 260 km/hr tomorrow morning, Oct 05. The eye shall reach the northeastern coast of Taiwan Sunday morning with a sudden slow in its NW track. It shall pass very close to Taipei, Taiwan Sunday after- noon, Oct 7 (approx 3 PM HK Time), with a close distance of 55 km to the east. Upon its closest approach to Taiwan, KROSA shall be downgra- ded to a Category 4 (220 kph) Typhoon and shall continue losing strength as it bears down the coast of SE China on Monday & Tuesday (Oct 8-9) due to land interaction, increasing wind shear and dry air over mainland China.

Bushman’s Typhoon Blog

Please note the use of the words “extremely catastrophic” in this forecast!

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  1. Looks like it’s shaping up to be quite a storm. I wish you and everyone else the best riding this one out. I am leaving for Japan on Saturday morning. Looks like that’s early enough so the storm won’t interfere with my plans.

  2. Hey MJ. I hope you are not in teh direct path and I am not a religious man but will say a prayer for the people in the area.

    You never know god my fall off his throne and just help out because I offered a prayer.

    Be safe and keep the lanyard tied tightly.

  3. hopefully it won’t be chasing you all the way to Japan Todd, as these typhoons often do! have a great time. Japan is so cool….

  4. thanks Brunty! it’s heading our way and already dumping lots of rain on us. i worry about the central area, which is know for flooding and landslides. where we live we are normally safe from such.

    take care and thanks for your well wishes. the lanyard is tight!

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