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Katch Service Goes Offline May 4th

May 01, 2016 By: thenhbushman Category: Blog, Periscope

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Unfortunately, I’ve had to take down a few articles from recent months, due to the fact that, the replay service we were using, is going offline May 4.  On our sister site, TaiwanLiveTV, I’ve made arrangements to use YouTube as the hosting service.  Over the next few weeks I will have completed the changeover and you can view those broadcasts there.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Also, sorry for not posting that much lately.  I’ve really been concentrating on live streaming and the new site lately.  Thanks!

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We Have A New Website!

April 07, 2016 By: thenhbushman Category: Blog, Periscope

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Frequent readers of this blog know that there haven’t been many new articles lately. And the most recent ones are replays of live Periscope broadcasts. The truth is, I’ve been spending effort to develop this platform of live streaming as I believe this is the new frontier, so to speak. I will continue to do photographic essays on the usual topics, but I am also using Periscope to live stream interesting content to viewers. The new site is here:


You can comment on replays of course, and we welcome your input.  Please bear with us for the time being as we are not only bringing in new content, we are tweaking the user experience.  Looking forward to seeing you over at Taiwan Live!

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Xinzhu Air Show

January 13, 2016 By: thenhbushman Category: Photography, Taiwan, Technology

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Photos by MJ Klein

I love airshows!  Who doesn’t?  So when Hui-chen told me that there was going to be an airshow at the Xinzhu Airforce Base, we just had to go!  Here are the highlights of our experience.  You can find the entire collection of photos on Flickr.

Xinzhu Air Force Base

We decided to park our car and take a shuttle bus to the base.  We arrived around 7:30 am, which we thought was early enough.  But by that time there was already a line going all around this park.

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Video: Phoenix at the Big City Mall

January 09, 2016 By: thenhbushman Category: Phoenix, Photography, Taiwan, Technology

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Video by MJ Klein

Another video shot while testing the new Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C mobile phone stabilizer.  From the video description: I used a 140 degree wide angle lens on a Samsung Galaxy S4, and zoomed the focal length to narrow the field enough to eliminate the motor on the right side of the frame.  This is unprocessed raw video straight from the mobile device with no post processing from Youtube.

Looking forward to your comments below!  Thanks for viewing.

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Video: Fisheye Lens + Zhu Yun Z1 Smooth C Stabilizer

December 25, 2015 By: thenhbushman Category: Phoenix, Photography, Taiwan, Technology

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Video by MJ Klein

In this video, I’m using a 180 degree fisheye clip-on lens with the Galaxy S4 mounted on the Z1 Smooth stabilizer. I’ve zoomed out just enough to remove the motor from the right side of the frame. With the zoom at this level, there is a very interesting look to the video, with the center looking almost normal, and the fisheye effect becoming more pronounced towards the edges.

There is no post-processing except color and contrast adjustments in Lightroom.

Please let me know what you think of this experimental video!  Thanks for watching!

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The Desperately Needed Next Feature Periscope Should Implement!

November 12, 2015 By: thenhbushman Category: Periscope, Personal, Technology

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MJ Klein

UPDATE: 20151113:

One of the risks that one has when publishing these days, is that their article can become outdated in as little as 30 seconds!  I found out today that there is already a form of message blocking in Periscope.  The reason that I and many other Periscope Broadcasters don’t know about this is because we don’t use those words in our messages.  A dialog opens that gives the user a warning and asks if they really want to send that comment.

I also need to summarize my concept so it’s a little more clear when you read the rest of the article below.  My concept of a system dealing with abuse is based on 2 requirements:

  1. It must work in real time
  2. It must discipline the abuser (with #3 below) and thus reduce the abuse culture.

My concept accomplishes this in 3 ways:

  1. An  automated system that functions without user intervention (with the exception of editing the word list) .
  2. An editable word list with conditions (examples are outlined below).  Certain messages will always get through and each Broadcaster must have the ability to edit this list as needed.
  3. An abuser can be blocked by a concept I call “Shared Blocking” where both Broadcasters and Viewers can choose to share other users blocks.

But, the reality is, Periscope has already taken measures to reduce abuse, and I commend them.  Perhaps they might consider adding “Shared Blocks” to the abuse control system.

Lastly, I want to say that in no way has this article been written as a criticism of Periscope.  This article is the result of considerable thought I have given to this issue.  From now on I’m going to leave this issue in their capable hands.  The original article begins below:

ScopeDay is over, and I am honored to have been able to participate in such an historic event.  I’m going to write a blog article about my experience doing my broadcast and working with Mike Lin, the organizer of ScopeDay.  But not right now.  Now I want to address a major problem that many Periscope broadcasters are dealing with – and that is comment abuse.  Fortunately, I have a suggested solution that would eliminate a great deal of that abuse, and more importantly, deal with the abuse culture itself.  I have a “Periscope Wish List” of other features, but this one cannot wait (I’ll publish the rest of the list later).

If there is any doubt about the need to deal with abuse, then I would like to present the following screen caps, taken from Kerri Elimeleck’s beautiful ScopeDay broadcast:

ScopeDay Broadcaster Kerri Elimeleck Being Abused During Her Live Broadcast

Notice the bottom comment, from someone called KACIRANHASAN.  There is another comment from him (I assume he’s male) above that, but it’s apparently not in English.

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I’ve Been Invited to Broadcast on ScopeDay!

November 08, 2015 By: thenhbushman Category: Blog, Periscope, Taiwan

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Right now, at this very moment, there is a world-wide event taking place on Periscope.  Broadcasters are doing 15 minute segments from interesting locations around the world, and I’ve been invited to broadcast from Taiwan!

If you haven’t installed Periscope yet, it’s free for both Android and iOS.  You can search users for “MJKlein.” and find me.  Actually there are 2 accounts with that name.  Just follow the one with the greater number of followers.  You also need to follow ScopeDay on Periscope to get their shares and find the broadcasts.

My time slot is 09:15am Taiwan time, 20:15 EST, and 01:15 UTC.

There is a way to view the broadcast with a web browser on a computer (if you use your mobile’s browser it will redirect you to install the app).  This is the direct link to my Periscope broadcast page.  You can also click on the link in the left sidebar.

All broadcasts are being saved by Katch for later viewing.  Lastly, this is the schedule of broadcasts.  Follow @ScopeDay on Twitter for the latest shares with links.

I hope to see your username in the broadcast!

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Today’s Ride, 151002

October 02, 2015 By: thenhbushman Category: exercise, Lifestyle, Personal, riding, Taiwan

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Photos by MJ Klein

It’s been a long time since I rode my recumbent trike.  This ride article is also going to feature an update on my health, just to be complete.

Recumbent Trike Porn

This is what she looks like today.

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We’re Using Periscope

October 01, 2015 By: thenhbushman Category: Photography, Technology

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Photos by MJ Klein

I know you’re probably wondering just what Periscope is.  Periscope is an app for both Android and iOS mobile devices, that allows you to broadcast what you’re doing in real time.  Social media guru Terry White has a really great YouTube video on how to use Periscope.  Mr. White’s instructional videos are excellent because he is so down-to-earth and puts things in natural language so he’s not talking over anyone’s head.  I highly recommend that you view his video referenced above.  Also, he has tons of instructional videos on Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom if you’re into those programs.

Before I get ahead of myself I want to make sure that our readers know we’ll be broadcasting on Periscope this weekend.  I’ll give you the details later on in the article.

Maybe some of you have noticed that the navigation button to “Webcam” is missing from  This is because I haven’t been using UStream for some time now.  Periscope has become a replacement for UStream in my internet broadcasting work flow.  In this article I want to show you a few things about Periscope and how easy it is to broadcast using it.

Periscope Screenshot

Periscope gives you a world map to pan, scroll and view.  Notice all the red dots with numbers in this screenshot taken from my personal mobile phone. These represent people who are broadcasting on Periscope.  When you click (touch, using your mobile device’s touchscreen) on a red dot, you’ll get a breakdown of the individual broadcasts with their titles (if the broadcaster has entered a title!).  Tapping any one of the individual broadcasts connects you immediately to that broadcast.

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Taiwan Sky

September 11, 2015 By: thenhbushman Category: Photography, Taiwan

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Photos by MJ Klein

I’ve been going up on the roof of our home during the “golden hour” and shooting the incredible sky we have here.

Incredible Taiwan Sky

I like how the clouds closest to the sun cast shadows on those behind.

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