Beautiful Sunday

Photos by MJ Klein

Sunday morning, up with the lark
I think I’ll take a walk in the park
Hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day
I’ve got someone waiting for me
When I see her I know that she’ll say
Hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day
Hi, hi, hi, beautiful SundayThis is my, my, my, beautiful day
When you say, say, say, say that you love meOh, my, my, my it’s a beautiful day

DANIEL BOONE lyrics – Beautiful Sunday

Hui-chen and I decided to go to the Hsinchu fish market, not far from our home in Hukou. We wanted to pick up some fish for grilling.

We have blogged on our visits to several fish markets before, but never on the Hsinchu market. The last time we were in that area with blogger David Reid at the Dragon Boat Festival. Back then I was so sick that I didn’t even blog on the Dragon Boat Festival, but there are lots of photos on at the above link. I will blog on the food aspects of our trip to the Hsinchu Fish Market on Bushman’s Asian Food Blog, but for this post I want to talk about Beautiful Sunday.

When I say that the air was clear, I mean that it was amazingly clear! This jet passed overhead and I could almost count the passengers! Just look at that beautiful deep blue sky!

The wind was blowing so hard that it blew my hat off! Fortunately I had the lanyard tied tight so it didn’t fly away. These are some vendors set up outside the fish market. They are selling anything and everything that blows in the wind and they picked a great day for it!

Inside the fish market, it was business as usual….

But outside, the water was choppy. Check out the whitecaps on the Taiwan Straight in the distance. There was a lot of wind borne turbulence in the harbor.

A couple of guys had aerobatic kites and due to the high windspeed, you couldn’t follow the kites with your eyes because they were moving so fast. Check out the streamer – it’s almost tied in knots! I’ve never seen a kite move so fast before. The wind was quite literally typhoon strength. Hui-chen and I had trouble walking and I took off my glasses because I thought they would get blown off my face.

On the way home, there were several dust storms kicking up.

This is one of the lighter dust storms. Sometimes it was hard to see the mountains in the distance.

But the high winds also had a good side to them, as they blew the junk out of the air that normally hangs over Hsinchu (this and the following shots were taken from the car).

Notice the signs knocked down by the high winds. We haven’t had a direct typhoon hit in a couple of weeks. These signs were pushed over by recent high winds. Fortunately by Monday the wind has died down somewhat….

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  1. it was strange walking around in near-typhoon winds on a clear day. as for the gas, it guess it depends on the fish, and the individual.

  2. Hi – thanks for coming by my blog again and leaving the comments. Appreciated! I was looking at your site again – and appreciating the use of color in your photos… I like your images for that reason. A little burst of saturated color makes the photo for me… I don’t know if you’ve seen my photo section on the http://www.thaipulse site or not.

    Ok, one question – what in the WORLD is BLUEJACKING? I saw it in your profile and I don’t understand. I tried to find info in your blog but guess I haven’t looked hard enough… what is that? I Think of blues and jacks – fish in florida that I used to catch from the kayak… does it have ANYTHING to do with that?

  3. hey Vern, nice to run into you again. you have a great blog (readers, please check it out), so naturally i have to make my usual snide/worthless comments there too!

    i use the high saturated color setting on the Nikon because i also love it when the colors jump out at you. you have some great photos on your site as well Vern.

    haha good guess on the bluejacking. that is the hobby of sending unsolicited files to unsuspecting mobile phone users, by Bluetooth. i have several graphics that i use for this hobby. i haven’t indulged in it for some time though. hmmmm….. post idea coming up – thanks for that Vern!

  4. great pics as usual. the weather has been awesome for over a week now. not to mention the sky has been really beautiful too which is evident in your pics.

  5. thanks Andres. let’s hope the weather holds out for a few more weeks so we can party in Hukou and Miaoli!

  6. Hey MJ. As always great pictures. Liek Vern said the colours are fantastic and they do really jump out of the photos at you.

    I am glad you had your Bushmans hat tied on with the lanyard. I mean what’s a bushman without his hat and a dog on the tuckerbox.

    The other thing is you cannot replace a real bush hat. They only get the corect shape after years of use and they tell too many stories to be able to replace. 🙂

  7. Brunty, thanks! someday i’m going to blog on how i setup my D80 and my shooting techniques.

    you know…. you are so right about the bush hat. i can’t go anywhere without it, even at night because i can’t see well without having the brim over my eyes after so many years. Australians certainly understand the necessity of a good bush hat and the multiple (and often life-saving) uses for a versatile bush hat. indoors it hangs on my neck by the lanyard. this particular hat has been in 7 countries with me. if only it could talk! i’d hate to lose it, and truth be told, if the wind blew it i would run after it!

    thanks and take care my friend.

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