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Bushman’s Asian Food Blog! has been incorporated into this site. All the posts are tagged with “food” so you can find all those great old food posts as well as new ones.

Bushman’s Typhoon Blog features reports and articles about typhoons that affect the area of Taiwan

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  1. Hi There
    I’ve just bought an Artifice here in England and I would like to fit a cyclo computer from the cateye range but how do you attach the pickup senser to the trike so that it picks up the signal from the magnet mounted on the spokes ?
    can you help

    1. hi Pete. congratulations on your purchase of an Artifice. i use a GPS for my cycling computer so i’ve never had to mount a pickup sensor. the principle is the same as a regular bicycle however. if i were to mount such a sensor, i would probably mount it on the rear wheel, because it would be a lot easier to mount the pickup sensor on the rear than finding some place to mount it on one of the front wheels. i would suggest talking a look at to see how others have mounted their pickup sensors. thanks Pete.

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