Why Costco Taiwan, Why?

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I’ve been drinking Kirkland Caribbean Spiced Rum from Costco here in Taiwan, ever since it became available.  I love it!  But, suddenly, without warning or explanation, it’s gone!  But, browsing the aisles of Costco reveals lots of other liquors, and it’s my contention that even fewer people drink these!

Costco Liquor

This is Bacardi Carta Blanca.  As the name implies, it’s a white rum.  It’s colorless.  It also happens to be flavorless, and it’s only use is to add alcohol content to some kind of drink that doesn’t depend upon adding flavor from this rum.  I hate this stuff.

Costco Liquor

When is the last time you saw a Taiwanese person drink tequila?  How about never!  But wait:

Costco Liquor

Costco Liquor

They have no less than three kinds of tequila!  Who is Taiwan is drinking this stuff?  No one I know, or ever heard of!  Try and find a Mexican restaurant nearby and then tell me how much sense this makes!

Costco Liquor

Look, here are 2 kinds of vodka!  Again, who????

Costco Liquor

They even got 2 kinds of gin!  But, out of the 2 types of rum they had, they discontinued the only one with any flavor!  Costco Taiwan, you did a bad thing by discontinuing the Caribbean Spiced Rum!

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  1. First comment on your blog that I follow for some time already.
    About the spiced rum, I have started to make my own.
    I buy TTL rum in the generic bottle ( 280 NT$ in my baker supplies shop in Yungho ) ; not a great rum for drinking in itself (but great for baking ), but it has a nice caramel color.
    I add one half vanilla pod , one stick of cinnamon, half of a star anise, 4 cloves, a tiny pinch of nutmeg and a large strip of orange skin about 2 ” x 1 ” ( I use a sharp nice to remove the white pith).
    Let infuse for 2 days, shaking every half day.
    Remove all the spices and filter through a paper coffee filter.
    Tastes awesome, much less vanilla than most store-bought spiced rums.

    1. Alain, what a fantastic idea! i’m SO glad you decided to leave comment! i know the exact run you’re talking about. it’s not really bad, just not flavorful like the spiced rum. i am doing to take your advice and do what you suggested with some added spices. this is going to be fun! i don’t know why i didn’t think of it myself! haha! take care, and don’t be a stranger!

    1. hi Sam, thanks for joining our conversation. TTL is the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly: http://en.ttl.com.tw/ they make a rum that’s actually not bad, and it’s pretty cheap. but it would make a good platform for flavoring as Alain has pointed out! thanks Sam and take care.

  2. By the way, TTL sells also 2 other spirits in generic bottles.
    Vodka ( usually 250 NT$/ bottle) and gin ( 235 NT$/bottle).

    Problem or maybe it’s an advantage, every TTL spirit rum, gin and vodka is sold in the same ugly generic bottle ( actually, the same kind of bottle used to sell Kaoliang sorghum alcohol).
    But I can tell you that I have played many tricks to “experts” friends, by refilling a Beefeater bottle with TTL gin, and … no complaint, perfect … !!
    Same with TTL vodka in Absolut bottles ( although in the Grey Goose bottle, I couldn’t trick my friend ^__^)
    As these alcohols are sold by TTL, no import tax… so they are basically 50% cheaper than branded ones ( Beefeater in Costco is 489 NT$ , Absolut is 459 ).

    1. wow, Alain, fantastic information for us expats! i’m not a vodka drinker, but occasionally, i do imbibe with some of the Filipino gin we have here in this neighborhood. i’m still thinking about my plan to flavor the rum! thanks so much for the information. please let me know if you’re in the area so we can do some taste testing! take care.

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