Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1


We know how much our readers love food photos, and we’re more than happy to bring them to you!  Recently we featured a series on our trip to Thailand and Laos.  We thank the many people who enjoyed those articles and commented on them.  So now it’s time to bring you the food adventures we experienced on our trip!  So, without further delay, we are pleased to present this first installment in the series:

Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1

If you would like to follow along and read about what we did on our first day, you should view this article.  We had dinner at the Roma Hotel in Khonkaen.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1

Our meal started out with a famous Thai dish – Phad Thai!  This dish featured the large noodles that I really like.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1

Next was a flavorful and aromatic Thai style chicken soup.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1

This dish was unbelievable – a green curry with chicken.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1

Always a favorite, roast duck!

Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 1

A lovely Thai style pork dish with green peppercorns.

2010 Thai/Lao Trip: Day 1

The area around the Roma Hotel is know for street vendors.  We’ve shown you these food vendors before.  It’s always fun to walk through here and see what people are eating.  After our meal at the Roma Hotel, we took a walk through this area and back to The #1 Bar.

2010 Thai/Lao Trip: Day 1

We walked past the karaoke club where we would go on our last night in Thailand….

2010 Thai/Lao Trip: Day 1

…. and found ourselves at the #1 Bar.

2010 Thai/Lao Trip: Day 1

Whenever we drink, we like to eat along with it.  Here the fare is Sang Som Royal Thai Rum and fried chicken tenders.  Always a good combination!

Thanks for reading!  Please leave us your comments and ratings below.  Retweet if you like!  We’ll bring you the next article in this series soon!

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  2. Hmmmm… I see these food pics and this weekend is the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival on the Charles River. There are usually some vendors setup from “Thai” places in Boston and Cambridge.

    If I go into it (depending on the weather)… I may have to see what some of these Thai vendors had and perhaps try some (but I’ve always heard that Thai food is spicy and I’m not a huge fan of spicy food).
    mike01905´s last post ..U.S. Marines Invade Boston

      1. As I look at the Boston Dragon Boat Festival website and look at the “Food Vendors” link… they have a list of the 2009 vendors and say the 2010 vendors will be announced. As I look at the 2009 food vendors… I think most if not all of them were also there in 2008.

        There will be a couple of Indian places…. a couple of Chinese places… and a couple of Thai places. Dunkin Donuts is a sponser of the event so they’ll have a truck/tent setup. I also think Carvel Ice Cream is a sponser of the event so they should he there as well.

        One place says that they specialize in Jung/Zung-Ze… steamed rice wrapped with pork meat, salted egg, Chinese sausage, with green beans and/or peanuts. They’ve been there in the past… but I’ve never tried this (would be worth trying if no green beans…. I hate all kinds of beans… including Boston baked beans).

        Right now they are calling for hazy sun, temps n the mid to high 70’s (about 24c to 26c), increasing humidity, and a chance of afternoon showers and/or thunderstorms. So… I’ll go there in the morning… and see the weather will depend on how late I stay.
        mike01905´s last post ..U.S. Marines Invade Boston

        1. Mike, the “green beans” aren’t really – they are an Asian vegetable that we have here. it’s close enough that you probably wouldn’t like them either, but i’m just saying. be sure and get some photos for us and you can post the link to them here. sounds like a nice event – wish i could check it out. thanks!

  3. Hello Klein,
    I also love thai food.
    Your picture reminds me of Thailand
    I’d like to come back to there soon.
    Of course, I will enjoy food.

    1. hi Emi. glad to see you on our blog again 🙂 we all love Thailand and i’m happy that our photo reminded you of it. hopefully you can go back some day an enjoy the food and everything else, again. take care.

    1. hi Boonsong, thanks for dropping by and leaving us a comment! there will be more food articles from our trip coming up in a few days, so stay tuned! take care.

  4. Nice mouthwatering pictures as usual. I love those wide rice noodles in Phad Thai too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Are the wide rice noodles that same as would be found in like the Beef Chow Foon (wide noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, chuncks of beef) that you find in places here??? I love this stuff.

    The Hong Kong Dragon Bost Festival was pretty nice. Had some jasmine rice from one of the Thai vendors. Had a scallion pancake from a vendor that was advertising “Taiwanese Pot Stickers”… which I didn’t try as they said it was chicken and cabbage… and I hate cabbage. There were a couple of vendors sellng “bubble tea” which looked pretty good… but by looking at what was in it (the fruit syrup)… I’m guessing it was something that wouldn’t be good for a diabetic to have.

    Now time for my shameless plug. Pictures and video clips from the 2010 Hong Kong Drago Boat Festival in Boston have been placed on my Flickr page…

    The next event that I should be taking pictures at… the 2010 Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party in just under 2 weeks (June 25-27).
    mike01905´s last post ..2010 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Boston

    1. yes Mike, the wide noodles in that Pad Thai are exactly the same as in the Hong Kong style dish called Beef Chow Foon. next time you see that bubble tea you can ask they for less sugar (“wei taang”) and you can try it that way. i always ask for them to make my tea less sweet. btw the cabbage in those dumplings doesn’t taste like cabbage per se when it’s cooked with the meat inside the dumplings. you can always just spit it out! lol those scallion pancakes are very popular over here so you had something that was authentic.

      take care Mike and thanks.

      1. Well… the Hong Kong Beed Chow Foon that I see at places here…. I love that stuff. The wide noodles used in it are fantastic. The scallion pancakes were really good. The pot stickers/dumplings… yeah… I’m sure thats what the vendors would want to see… someone spitting out the cabbage and other potential customers seeing that 🙂

        The bubble tea… as soon as I seen that a “fruit syrup” was being used to make the teas with… the first thing that came to my mind was… a TON of sugar in it (kind of like the “Fruit Coolatta” drinks at Dunkin Donuts… depending on the flavor… 50g to 83g of sugar for a 16oz (small) serving… and a large is 32oz… a diabetics nightmare). It was something I wanted to try… but something that I figured health-wise… it would be best if I didn’t.
        mike01905´s last post ..2010 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Boston

        1. Mike, you might want to go to a Thai place and ask them to make you some Pad Thai using those wide noodles that we like. glad you like the scallion pancake – that’s something you could eat here in Taiwan. as for the rest, yes i do understand your reluctance to go with one of those bubble teas. thanks.

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