Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 2

Photos by MJ Klein  WARNING: Food Photos!
As you recall from our recent series, we visited an ancient Khmr sanctuary on our second day in Thailand.  But we also took time for some fantastic food experiences. Let’s start off with our lunch:
Thai-Lao Trip Food: Day 2
Ready for some closeups of the individual dishes?  Read on!
These 2 items were really fantastic.  Those are Thai crispy spring rolls on the left, and shu mai dumplings on the right, along with their accompanying sauces.  Now, for the closeups of each dish:
First, the shu mai dumplings.  Very light with a pork filling, I could eat a barrel of these!
And the Thai crispy spring rolls weren’t hard to take either!  They didn’t last long!
This was my main dish, a noodle soup with sliced meat.  This was delicious! Awhile later, we visited the Muang Phon market with it’s excellent assortment of food items.  It’s worth a second look:
We were getting some foodstuff for our dinner later that evening.
Just look at all those fresh vegetables! But we needed something to tide us over until our evening meal, so we got some Issan sausages and our good friend at the Sabua Resort, Uncle, grilled them up for us.
This alone wants to make me to back to Thailand!
Now, for the beauty shot!
Issan sausages go great with Sang Som Royal Thai Rum!
Auntie had begun preparations for our evening meal, which began with slaughter and butchering of the chicken.
Then she picked some fresh herb and spices from the herb garden on the resort property.
Around 19:00 local time, Auntie began preparation of our evening meal.  She’s cooking broccoli and tree ear fungus.
Here is the finished dish.
Another beauty shot.
This is my bowl of chicken soup (Gai Tom) Thai style.
This is a traditional Thai pork dish.  The only problem is that I often forget to take the photos until everything is 1/2 eaten!  With the local spices, this dish was unbelievable!
Later we went out for karaoke with Mr. Somkhit.  We like to take some food with our drinks and this is what we had.  This is fried pork ribs with salad.
And this is a dark photo of some fried chicken.  It was really good.
Lastly, we have some deep fried fish.  It was almost too dark to eat! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these food adventures and we look forward to bringing you more of them in our next installment of this series.
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