Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three: John Arrives

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Photos by MJ Klein and Hui-chen – ATTENTION: FOOD PHOTOS!

This series is a bit out of order.  It doesn’t really matter because we did write about some things just as they occurred, such as our 2 trips to Cabela’s.  So, to set the timeline straight, now would be when we went on the road trip up to West (by God) Virginia and to Cabela’s.

After we returned to North Carolina, Hui-chen and I relaxed for awhile before my brother John arrived from Florida.  Hui-chen decided to make some more Taiwanese style food, since we were really missing home.

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

This is Hui-chen’s famous stew, with pork and vegetables.  It’s as good as it looks and even better!

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

This is asparagus and garlic with chicken.  There wasn’t as much as a speck left of this one!

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

Here’s Mother on the front porch just before we joined her.  We told her to go ahead because making someone wait is just not fair!  Notice the dish in the foreground: mixed peppers and broccoli.  Oh man!

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

Inside Mother’s home I was also working on my little cooking experiment.  So now you got the timeline of that one too.

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

There are all kinds of cute little rabbits running around on the property.  Sitting on the porch is even more enjoyable knowing that these little guys will make an appearance at some point.

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

The next day we picked John up at the airport and brought him over to see Dad.  Of course Dad recognized him right away (which is excellent considering his present condition).

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

I felt kinda bad on one hand because I had to use my SB-800 flash to get these shots.  But I did get them!

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

After a burst of 5 or 6 shots, Dad turned to me and said “What’s with all these flashes!”  haha!

This entire trip was all about seeing our father, perhaps for the last time….  John brought Dad some of his favorite food from Florida:

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

Smoked fish from Ted Peter’s!  The look on Dad’s face made it all worthwhile.

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

Dad can’t have beer in his present condition, so we brought some non-alcoholic variety, but we didn’t tell him that.  He was very happy to be eating smoked fish and drinking beer with his 2 sons.  Dad was joking around the entire time (as you can see by the look on his face).  He always was a real joker and seeing him like this was very heartwarming.  It was like the old days in many respects….

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

One more food photo for you.  This is an omelet that my dear wife Hui-chen made for me the next morning.  The meat is bratwurst and it tasted excellent.

Our 2008 US Trip, Part Three

Naturally I had my camera at the ready and I snapped this photo of her taking a drink.  So, I just had to include it!

The next part of this series will feature the famous Carolina Theater and a presentation they prepared for World War Two veterans.

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  1. MJ. Thanks for sharing. Great looking food pictures, every dish had my mouth watering. Oh, and what a breakfast!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your father MJ. I am glad he enjoyed having his boys together with him.

    MJ, you didn’t roast a rabbit!! 🙂

    Bruntys last blog post..Playing with my new toy, Thailand.

    1. Brunty » as you will see in upcoming installments, we did lots of things with him that he hasn’t done in years. he kept talking about it with his doctors and they’ve come to agree that the interaction was very good for him.

      btw, great shots with the new toy! that’s what it’s all about!

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