Road Trip: Part I – Cabela’s

Photos by MJ Klein

Road Trip: Part 1

Hui-chen and I rented a red Dodge Charger in North Carolina and headed to the panhandle area of West Virginia. We had a meeting with a customer and then headed to my favorite destination: Cabela’s!

Road Trip: Part 1

The weather was spectacular! I took many of my famous Photos From The Car© during the 8 hour trip.

Road Trip: Part 1

I took this shot out the side window. I’ve done so many car photos that I didn’t even bother looking through the viewfinder.

Road Trip: Part 1

The “road” going up to the right is a place where runaway trucks can safely bring their rigs to a stop, should the brakes fail on a downgrade. We passed many such places on the steep hill sections.

Road Trip: Part 1

The roads were kinda sparse. Any idea why? I practically lived on the road in the US many years ago, and these days there are definitely less cars on the road than in past years.

Road Trip: Part 1

But the scenery was great and the trip was a lot of fun (except for that bad section of road that I navigated us through).

Road Trip: Part 1

It isn’t every day that you get to see one of these (along the Ohio river).

Road Trip: Part 1

We took this bridge from the Ohio side of the river, back into West Virginia, to our final destination for the evening.

The next day we headed down to Wheeling and to the famous store there:

Road Trip: Part 1

This place is huge!

Road Trip: Part 1

You step through the doors and are presented this this view.

Road Trip: Part 1

They have more stuffed animals than many people see in a lifetime!

Road Trip: Part 1

Some of the animals are alive too. Cabela’s has a huge aquarium. Here we see a diver cleaning the tank.

Road Trip: Part 1

Road Trip: Part 1

Road Trip: Part 1

This bull moose looked so real that I felt strange being so close to him. I’ve tracked and photographed many moose in New Hampshire and this is closer than I would ever get to a living moose!

Road Trip: Part 1

The African animal display was even more impressive!

Road Trip: Part 1

We had a blast trying on clothes and looking at the interesting things in Cabela’s.  As most of you know I have a long history of wearing Cabela’s clothing!

Road Trip: Part 1

In 2 hours time, we had barely scratched the surface and it was time to leave!  If you have the chance to visit one of the Cabela’s stores, we highly recommend it!

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  1. MJ,

    Cabella’s looks awesome. It’s even cooler then the Pro Bass Shop I went to in Concord, NC.

    Are you going to have a chance to go to Harper’s Ferry? Spectacular scenery in that area.

    owshawngs last blog post..I dare!

  2. Hmmm… Ohio to West By God Virgina. Where did you fly into for your trip??

    They recently opened a Carbela’s in Hartford, CT… right next to the Pratt & Whitney jet engine factory (may stop by there and check it out on a trip to Newington). There is also one open in Scarborough, ME too.

    1. mike01905 » we landed in NC near my sister. i heard about the Cabela’s up in CT, which of course, is where i would have gone had it existed when i lived in NH….

  3. We don’t have these in Canada. My Dad goes to LeBaron’s.

    Cabela’s was the first place John took me to when we went back to the States together. It’s easy to spend hours in there. My Dad came to the States last summer to meet John’s family and of course, the first place on his list of places to visit was Cabela’s. It’s definitely a unique shopping experience. I especially love the aquariums.

    BTW, that coat looks great on HC and I love that first picture of her driving!

    Carries last blog post..Photo Moment: James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

    1. Carrie » that was our first visit to an actual store. i’ve been a catalog shopper for just under 10 years thought. i was a bit disappointed to find out that they don’t have everything in the store 🙁 we didn’t get that coat because it as too big, but it would have been nice!

  4. Ahhhh… ok. Well when I seen the “Ohio – West Virginia” title… I figured you flew into Ohio (you would’ve been like a week or so late for Dayton).

    If you were still in NH… I think the new Maine store would be a bit closer. I first heard about Carbela’s from a friend down in Texas… but I’ve never bought anything from them (my main “outdoors” activities is mountain biking thru Lynn Woods).

    1. mike01905 » ahhh Dayton. haven’t been there in years. i’m surprised it’s still going strong what with the dumbing down of ham radio. i would expect ham radio to be pretty much dead by now.

      the Maine store sounds great – i love Maine and i used to go up there for any reason.

    1. Brunty » thanks my friend. our appreciation for photography is mutual as i’ve spent countless hours on your site viewing your photos too. take care!

  5. love the pictures of the open roads and country! i wanna move somewhere in the US someday with open country and roads just like that!

    that Cabela store looks awesome! i went to an identical store in missouri but i’m not sure if it was a Cabela. might have been tho’.

    1. andres » it looks good for sure. but that’s where it ends. no healthcare, no jobs, no reason to be there. settle for viewing the photographs, and take an occasional trip here, but you’d have to take a lifestyle hit to live in the US these days.

      Cabela’s is awesome but i was a bit disappointed that they don’t have everything in the catalog there. i need a new bush hat and they didn’t have any!

  6. We love going to Cabela’s too, one outside of KC, MO and one in Nebraska. I don’t think have ever bought anything there though, just so cool to look. My hubby loves the flashlights and gadgets there. Your pics are so clear. Thanks for keeping up the blog even while you are busy in the States. I miss the open roads and space to move around.

    Sandys last blog post..My first tour of the Neipu beer factory!

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