Homemade Meatballs – Part II

Food Photos by MJ Klein – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Meatball Makings, Part II
This mixture marinaded for 2 days in the ice box under extreme cold conditions! The entire icebox smells like garlic! Hui-chen added cooked sticky rice and tofu to the mix, and then formed them into balls for cooking:


Meatball Makings, Part II

Meatball Makings, Part II
She’s using a 10″ Dutch oven for the deep frying.

Meatball Makings, Part II
Our next installment will show them ready to eat!

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  1. Hello Bushman! I’ve been lurking around admiring your blog for awhile now. You’re quite a talented photographer, and these meatballs are making me hungry. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment cracked me up.

    Cahleen’s last blog post..I must be the only one …

  2. Cahleen » oh, thanks so much for your kind comments 🙂 well, the story was very entertaining and it’s the kind that only we who live in Taiwan can appreciate! so naturally i had to throw my $0.02 in the ring! i love those kinds of things. you should submit that to Waisai. thanks Cahleen.

  3. naruwan » it’s my opinion that yes, one could cook them in a saucepan, presumably with sauce as one would with Italian cuisine. HC is not too familiar with that style of cooking so she says that they won’t hold their shape without deep frying. why don’t you perform a culinary experiment and let us know? thanks!

  4. MJ. I love meatballs. My mum made them in a grazy type of sauce that was very slowly cooked and were always so delicious. We called them hedgehog balls.

    I like the look of these babies and they are going to be attempted here in Thailand in the very near future.

    Thanks to you and Hui-Chen.

    I have to go I am hungry and it’s midnight.

    Brunty’s last blog post..Thailand. Sport’s Day Parade Ubon Ratchathani.

  5. oh my gosh. this is torture. TORTURE!
    Let’s please see the finished product?
    Let’s please eat the finished product???

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