Homemade Meatballs, Taiwan Style – Part I

Photos by MJ Klein

Attention: FOOD PHOTOS!

Recently reader Naruwan said:

Care to share the meat ball recipe? They look damn good. My wife made some good ones recently with a sort of tomato-veg sauce slathered on top and served with brown rice. It was deeelicious!

Well, the truth is, Hui-chen is a bit shy about writing in English (and in fact she has only ever directly replied to one post herself), but she informed me that she was going to make another batch of meatballs and that I should write about it so readers would know how she makes them. So here goes:

Meatball Making
I’m sure it comes as no surprise that ginger is an important ingredient. Hand chopped is the only way to get it just how you want it.  UPDATE: Hui-chen reminded me that she also chopped garlic and added it to the bowl.  I knew that garlic was an ingredient but I spaced and forgot to mention it.

Meatball Making
This is the mixing bowl with the ingredients added. Now it all has to be mixed up by hand.

Meatball Making
Here are the actual ingredients (sorry about the crappy photo). In addition to the chopped ginger, we have (top row, L to R) sesame oil, rice wine, soy sauce (bottom row L to R) black pepper and salt. Again, no surprises to any lover of Taiwanese food.

Part II will feature the results.

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