Homemade Meatballs – Part III: The Reckoning

FOOD PHOTOS my MJ Klein. This is your last warning!

As a responsible blog owner, I have to take reader comments seriously. For example, loyal reader and food article junkie Joanna left this comment on Part II:

“oh my gosh. this is torture. TORTURE!
Let’s please see the finished product?
Let’s please eat the finished product???”

The only responsible thing to do in this case would be to finish the article series and show the finished product. Until TheNHBushman 2.0 is released though, you can’t eat the articles. But we’re working on that.

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
As you recall last time, Hui-chen was in the process of deep frying the meatballs. She says that it’s a family tradition to deep fry them so they retain their shape when added to other dishes. Just don’t cook them until they are crispy or you won’t like it.


Homecooked Taiwanese Food
Hui-chen cooked this mixed vegetable dish to go along with the meatballs.

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
It’s amazing how a simple dish of broccoli and mushrooms can be so good – but it really was.

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
Next out of the kitchen was a fantastic tofu skin dish.

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
I just had to post a second shot of this beautiful dish! As you can see, it had an incredible color and the preparation was perfect. I am a very lucky man to be able to sit down to dinner with this dish in front of me. Even more so when one considers that I’m married to the chef!

And now, without any further delay, here is the finished meatball dish, plated and presented:

Homecooked Taiwanese Food

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
I’m not sure what I can add to this article, except to say that everything is all gone now!

Now, I’ve done my duty as a responsible blog owner!

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  1. Just when I thought the meatball artistry has reached the height of culinary excellence, the chef brings out two other knock out dishes and brought up the caliber of the entire meal by at least another four or five notches! I really can’t think of better sides for the meatballs. But then again, I am no Hui Chen. I am floored, speechless, and drooling. And yes, absolutely addicted to this food blog. Thanks a lot NHBM and Hui Chen.

    Your loyal food junkie

  2. Joanna » all i can say is “wow!” thank you for such a nice comment! we’re happy to share these experiences with you Joanna, and our other readers as well. if you have any food article suggestions, we are all ears! thanks again.

  3. MJ and Hui-chen what a great looking meal and I am sure it tasted fantastic as well.

    The brocolli and mushroom dish, wow. I would have devoured that myself.

    What was the gravy spread over the meatballs? I am giving it a go on the weekend, wish me luck as I will need it.

    Brunty’s last blog post..Happy Birthday to the King of Thailand.

  4. Brunty » close your eyes because teppanyaki is coming soon! great article about HRH The King, btw.

    HC says that the sauce she used that time was sesame. she said she didn’t think it was a good match but i have to disagree. i love sesame!

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