Hong Kong Part III: Street Market

Photos by MJ Klein

Hong Kong Street Market
Just around the corner from the Bird Garden (see the Geotagged Articles Map page to see exactly where) is one of the coolest street markets in the world. There is the famous Ladies’ Market, and also sections for sporting goods, electronics, and as shown above, general merchandise, mostly clothing.


Hong Kong Street Market
As you work your way down the street, the population density increases significantly. We chose to take the left side of the fork at the intersection above.  You could spend all day in the street markets of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Street Market
One thing that I really like about Hong Kong is that the people there are very nice. Even though this area was just jammed with people, I didn’t experience the pushing, shoving and overall detached rudeness that I’ve experienced in say, the Beijing international airport terminal. As Hui-chen and I made our way around the market, we found people to be very friendly, smiling and also speaking in Mandarin when we addressed them in Mandarin. We were looking to buy some blue jeans and one woman we asked politely told us that she didn’t have a large sizes that would fit me. We asked her where we could find large sizes and she stepped out into the street and pointed to a sign. We went to that shop and found exactly what we needed.

From here, we went to the fish market.

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