Hong Kong Part II: Bird Garden

Photos by MJ Klein

Hong Kong Bird Garden
A few hundred meters from the Flower Market is Hong Kong’s famous Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. You walk around the corner to the left….
Hong Kong Bird Garden
…. and as you round the corner you are met with an amazing sound of hundreds of happy birds, all singing their own songs. I took a few videos at that time but I haven’t edited or uploaded them to a host site. But I will tell you that the sound is amazing.

Hong Kong Bird Garden
These handmade wooden birdcages are beautiful. The only trouble is, most of them are unsuitable for bird keeping because they are too small. Remember, the minimum size of your birdcage is determined by the bird’s wing span. Your bird should be able to flap it’s wings and not touch anything inside the cage. Hundreds of thousands of birds are kept in these too-small cages unfortunately.

Hong Kong Bird Garden
The cages feature porcelain food and water cups. I do like those as they clean up very well.

Hong Kong Bird Garden
Here is a closeup of a cage. If the bird was very small you could keep one in this beautiful cage. Some decorators use these cages to hold plants or other decorative objects, and no live animals.

Hong Kong Bird Garden
So you might be asking, “Can you buy birds or just cages?” The answer is “Yes!” and the variety is impressive. I saw Eclectus parrots, finches, cockatoos, and as seen in the bottom just right of center, my favorite parrot species, the Blue Fronted Amazon – plus many other species.

People bring their birds to the bird garden to socialize with other birds while their owners socialize. It’s quite relaxing to be surrounded by such beautiful, peaceful creatures.

Just down the street from the Bird Garden is one of the coolest street markets in the world.

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  1. I remember seeing birds owners on Jen-Ai road in Taipei, when they “shake” their cages to give the bird the feeling of flying I guess!

  2. Pierre » of course, the don’t consider how the birds feel! i saw a rocket scientist poking a myna bird at the night market, saying “ne hao” over and over as if the bird would do it on command by being poked.

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