Weather Blues? Think Green

Photos by MJ Klein

The weather has been lousy in Taiwan recently. We’ve had a few typhoon near misses and the Montreal Express has pulled into the station (that’s New England slang for “the cold air mass has come down from the north“). It’s definitely colder here than it was even last week. So I thought I should combat those weather blues, with green:

Green Island! This stunningly beautiful island off of Taiwan’s southeast coast is extremely hot in the summertime. It’s well worth a visit to this amazing tropical paradise.

This formation is called The Sleeping Girl and I consider this place to be one of my most favorite in the world. I can sit here all day and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.




Believe it or not, there are people in this photograph. Check out the large size and be prepared for the scale!

Now, don’t you feel better knowing that any time you want, you can take off for Green Island and get refreshed and recharged? I certainly do!

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  1. Todd » you should go there before it’s too late – the prison is deteriorating at a rapid rate. i’ve been there 2 times; 2002 and 2004 and the different was remarkable.

  2. Sandy » i recommend Green Island to everyone! there are many abandoned buildings and it’s great to just walk around and explore. i took a scooter and went off for hours…. thanks for your comments!

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