This Week in Food, 0946

Photos by MJ Klein

It’s hard to believe that November is already 1/2 gone – but it is!  This week was nearly all home style food and very little take-out.  So let’s get right into it.

This Week in Food, 4609

First up, more steak!  Costco had a special on their ribeye steaks this week so we got a freezer full!  Here are 2 of them on the new gas grill.  If you would like to see what they looked like all nice and cooked, please continue reading!

This Week in Food, 4609

This is about 1/2 done.  I had just flipped them over.

This Week in Food, 4609

These are the finished steaks.  The white material you see in the bottom of the pan is course sea salt.  I grilled these thick steaks for 5 minutes each side and they were done medium-rare.  Normally the cooking time is 3 and 1/2 minutes but that’s for normal thickness cuts.  These babies are very thick!

This Week in Food, 4609

Next, we had homemade hotpot!   In this shot we’re waiting for the soup stock to arrive before we begin.

This Week in Food, 4609

This is a plate of 2 types of shaved steak.  Just at the upper edge of the photo is Hui-chen’s special sauce.

This Week in Food, 4609

Pork, and some processed meat rolls (in the container).  They were really good.

This Week in Food, 4609

Some more processed hotpot fare (I never know what to call those things) at the top left, noodles on the right and tofu on the bottom.

This Week in Food, 4609

Plenty of cabbage.  For some reason it looks dark in the photos but it was fresh and delicious!

This Week in Food, 4609

Lastly, this is a green for which I do not know the English name.  It went very well with the hot pot.

That was the highlights for This Week in Food!   We hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed preparing and eating it!

Thank you for reading. Please leave us your comments and ratings below.

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  2. Those steaks looked really good, really, really good. Did I say they looked really good? And real sea salt, people don’t know what they are missing if they don’t use sea salt.

    MJ I am drooling and must stop. It;s 11pm here 🙂

    The little gas stove, they are great. I have one that holds a canister and is a great little thing. Have been able to take it and use it so many places.

    When we hike into the mountains I will often carry it to cook food we have taken along and also has been the centre of the table for cooking just what you had here.

    When we have hotpot, it is nearly identical to yours and delicious as well.

    Thanks for sharing mate.
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Nong Ja and a Tired Uncle, Isaan Thailand. =-.

    1. Brunty, the steaks tasted really good. the gas grill does a great job, and it chars the steaks only slightly – just enough to get that almost-burned beef fat flavor that we love so much. when you come over for a visit we’ll throw a couple of them on for you.

      those portable gas burners are great, yes. we use ours for hotpot and now i know that you do too! it’s a great way to spend an evening with the family. thanks Brunty and take care.

    1. Craig, i grilled 2 salmon steaks on it two weeks ago. i neglected to get photos, unfortunately. they came out awesome! good call on the salmon! thanks.

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