Road Work, Part V

Photos by MJ Klein

When Hui-chen and I got back from Kaohsiung on Monday afternoon, I noticed a new set of transformers on the new pad.  The old transformers were still there, so the decision was made to replace them.

Road Work, Part V

By Tuesday, the old transformers were gone.

But, ….

Road Work, Part V

Now I don’t get this – but the lines have already been painted on the road!  The area where the transformers were has been skipped!

Road Work, Part V

So, either they have to send out the paving and painting crew once more, or the plan is to leave it just how you see it now.  It remains to be seen but I think at least they need to patch over the dirt.

What do you think?

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  2. taking longer means having to spend more money which means more kickbacks for the gov’t and whoever is in charge of the outsourcing the work; which probably went to the company owned by a relative or close friend.
    yes, taiwan is THAT corrupt, especially at the local gov’t level.
    .-= andre´s last blog ..ethan turns 3! =-.

  3. Ha! You guys obviously have never seen Montreal in the past 10 years. What goes on there defies imagination. And we all pay so much for it (for them to knock down work they just finish and start again, ad nauseum). Anyway, the government corruption here is nothing. In Montreal, you are looking at unadulterated mafia kickbacks. And it’s getting dangerous, with gas-leaks everyday, and the main commercial attraction having been dug up for about three or four years!

    1. Thoth, you’re right – it’s been 11 years since i last saw Montreal. it has always been one of my favorite international cities, and i’m sorry to hear that it’s so corrupt. what is that main commercial attraction you mentioned? i hope that i can go back there again some day. thanks.

  4. I bet someone in power has a brother-in-law with the contract for patching and painting.

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