New Gas Grill

Photos by MJ Klein

Hui-chen and I were in B&Q the other day (the local store that is very much like the US’s Home Depot) and we saw this gas grill:

New Gas Grill

So you know this photo was taken at our home, so you know we bought it.  NT$5,000, 2 burners, how can you go wrong?

New Gas Grill

How about some nice pork ribs on the grill in the evening?  Hard to take, huh?

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    1. that’s just it, Craig. when you consider it, i think it’s the best deal i’ve yet seen on a grill in Taiwan. Costco has a 4 burner monster of a grill for NT$19,000+ and the food won’t taste any better on that one than it would on ours. add the fact that there are 2 fold-down plastic shelves that make it easy to store, and i just had to get it.

      oh that’s interesting about B&Q. there is a store almost exactly like it in the US called Home Depot. first time i saw B&Q i thought it _was_ a Home Depot.

  1. MJ that grill makes me miss my grill in that I had in the US , I love to grill and you have now inspired me to get one here in the LOS , someone told me I could get a good deal in BKK so I will be checking it out our next trip there , them thar ribs sho loking goud , do you make your own sauce ?, I do . you should be getting lots more guest after this post ha ha …. Malcolm
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    1. hi Malcolm. i’ve seen some good deals on charcoal grills in Thailand, but in all the years i’ve been going there, i don’t recall seeing any gas grills. they must exist though, but perhaps in Bangkok as you said. i’ve done some great cooking on those Thai built grills and of course i have my legendary Thai smoker that i had made for me in Khonkaen. i don’t make any sauce because i don’t really like any sauces on meats that i smoke or grill. i don’t want to mask the natural smoke flavor that i worked so hard on perfecting! maybe soon we’ll be seeing some photos on your blog of a new gas grill that you picked up on your next visit to BKK. thanks Malcolm.

  2. Great deal. Under $200 Aus or just over 5,000 Baht. As you said to Malcom here in Thailand it is hard to find a real griller BBQ. I saw one that was a 4 burner and had the shelves on the sides and so forth but was like 23,000 Baht. Just off the planet for here.

    I am a little nosey as always, and I noticed in the smaller picture there was something under the grill but above the gas burners. Are they like a BBQ rock? I looked in the larger sizes but couldn’t make them out. The rocks heat up and then distribute the heat?

    Fill me in please. And what was that on the fold down shelf?

    1. hi Brunty. we’re happy with the performance and the price. you are right about the lava rocks. they are my personal favorite substance for an intermediate barrier. they heat up and when the fat drips on them, it smokes and flavors the food. other grill designs use some kind of a shield to accomplish this. what i like is that the rocks get soaked with fat from different types of meats and over time they impart an excellent flavor to whatever is being grilled. what was on the fold-out shelf was a carafe of Sang Som and a local drink here called CC Lemon (it’s lemon soda). i had to have a bit of spirits to go along with the grilled fare! thanks Brunty.

  3. Nice looking grill.

    Seen you say something about a “4 burner monster of a grill” at Costco there. I don’t remember if it was at Costco here or BJ’s here… but I seen I think a 6 or 8 burner grill. The thing was HUGE. If I remember right… the price was around USD $1100 (NT$ 36,000).
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    1. Patrick, if you disconnect the gas bottle, it’s quite manageable. except for 4 aluminum extrusions, the frame is plastic, and only the top section is sheet metal. you should be able to take it up the stairs no problem. i would strap it to a 2-wheeler though. thanks.

  4. MJ, good looking grill for the money. Stock of the grill at B&Q might start to run low because of you and especially since the mid-autumn festival is only a little more than a month away.

    1. hi Peter. when i purchased our grill at the Hsinchu B&Q, they had 7 of them left. next time i go back i’ll take a look and see what they have. sure beats charcoal for ease of use and convenience. thanks Peter.

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