We’re Still Here!

Photos by MJ Klein

We’ve been blogging less lately.  Hui-chen and I are busy with our business and other things around this time of year.  But don’t worry, we’re still around and doing what we love to do!

We're Still Here!

This is a big glass contained of sun tea that was brewing outside our home this afternoon.

We're Still Here!

This is a wider shot showing the tea, and some beef rib steaks that I’m about to grill.

We're Still Here!

And here are the steaks.  They were really great, I’m telling you!  This was the best lunch we’ve had in ages!

We're Still Here!

After several hours, the sun tea was ready.  What an enjoyable afternoon.

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  2. I have never thought about making tea like that. Do you add hot water and let it sit? Do you drink it cool, room temperature or hot? The only tea I drink is usually from a tea bag.

    The ribs, wish I could get decent ribs like that here.

    Hope you have dried out after all the rain.
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Religious Ceremony 2009, Thailand. =-.

    1. hi Brunty. you use cold water and the power of the sun to do the brewing. here is a simple recipe: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/sun_tea/ it’s not like making iced tea with boiling water though, so there are some things to be careful about. i used to know a butcher in Khonkaen that could get great cuts of Thai beef. haven’t seen him for a couple of years. you need to find a beef supplier and ask him for some specific cuts. thanks.

        1. Brunty, doing the whole cow thing would be great if you could do it. i used to get t-bones from Tesco, a long time ago in Thailand. they were pretty good as i recall. you are going to like sun tea Brunty. the Thai sun is nice and strong. just what you need to make it. thanks.

  3. Geee… I havne’t made sun tea in years. I think the last time I made it… I was still in high school. Its a lot quicker to make up some iced tea using an instant iced tea mix… but it doens’t taste as good. You get to sue the tea bag of your choice and so on to make the sun tea with.

    This is going to have me looking for a container now to make some sun tea. May have to go out and buy a container.
    .-= mike01905´s last blog ..Jim Rice Day at Fenway Park =-.

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