Memorable Meals 2006, Part I

Photos by MJ Klein

Our readers love food photos!  We have literally tens of thousands of photographs in our archives, and we’re going through them to bring you all the food photos that were not previously blogged on for one reason or another.  So, we’re starting a new feature called “Memorable Meals” that will feature those past food photos.

Today’s feature starts off with a meal we had in Tainan with our good friend Charles Yapp and his family at the Fisherman’s Village.

Memorable Meals, 2006, Part I

Let’s take a few closeups of the food:

Memorable Meals, 2006, Part I

Taiwan foodies will recognize the closer dish as oyster and noodles.  The flavor of this dish is one not to be missed!  The other dish is pan fried asparagus.

Memorable Meals, 2006, Part I

Clockwise from the top:  Pan fried cabbage (much better than it looks or sounds) shell-on shrimp, and the last dish is shrimp rolls with deep-fried oysters.

Original Article about Fisherman’s Village.

We’ll have another memorable meal from 2006 in our next installment!  Thanks for reading!

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  2. MJ

    The food in Tainan is awesome.

    Do you have one of those maps showing the famous places to eat in Tainan? Getting 1 of those maps and trying to hit as many of those places while visiting the temples and other scenic sites in Tainan could be a fun weekend.

    owshawngs last blog post..Man vs Lawn

    1. owshawng, yes, food in Tainan is awesome! i have never seen one of those maps with the famous food places. i do know quite a few good places in Tainan but i’m not sure if they are famous or not. i’ll have to ask around and see if i can locate one of those maps. thanks for the information!

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