This Week In Food, 0923

Photos by MJ Klein

This is our last installment of this series on Thailand, and all the food that wasn’t previously blogged on gets put here!

This Week In Food 0923

First up is this somtom or papya salad from The #1 Bar.  This was the smelliest and fishiest somtom that I’ve ever had and not just because of the fish sauce.  Notice the upper left area of the plate: this dish has crab added to it, and it’s not even a seafood somtom!

This Week In Food 0923

Also from The #1 Bar is this Fish & Chips. Hui-chen got this dish and it was nearly too much to handle.  The piece of fish is huge and the quality is excellent.  It’s also not very oily for having been deep fried.  Highly recommended.

This Week In Food 0923

I have to admit that I ate some of this dish before I took the photo, this last one from The #1 Bar in this article.  Roast chicken and potatos with vegetables and a not-bad gravy.  This was too much food for me, but the quality was reasonably good.

Now we’re going to move to some Japanese food that we enjoyed with Mr. Somkhit:

This Week In Food 0923

I cannot remember the name of this restaurant for the life of me (I gave their business card away to someone in Khonkaen) but I know where it’s located!  We’ll absolutely be back for more.  It was totally packed with university students and I can tell you why – it rocks!  This is Salmon and Octopus Sashimi.

This Week In Food 0923

That’s Tempura Shrimp on the right and (if memory serves) Deep Fried Pork.

This Week In Food 0923

This was a set of Sushi and it certainly was great.  A nice variety in a small footprint and low price.  Notice the salmon roe on the upper left of the wooden tray.  That’s sea urchin roe just below it.

This Week In Food 0923

This is one of their special Maki (roll) dishes.  The chef took some of the “cracklings” from the tempura (crumbs from the outside batter) and placed them with this dish for added texture.  It was a great technique and when I ate some of the cracklings with a piece of maki, the additional texture was a welcome addition!

This Week In Food 0923

This is a closeup of the Shrimp Tempura that was just fantastic.  So light and crunchy and yet not oily at all.

This Week In Food 0923

Another one of their special Maki dishes.  Each and every maki is different, distinct but also very high quality, rich and flavorful.

This Week In Food 0923

No Japanese meal would be complete without Grilled Salmon and this dish did not disappoint!

This Week In Food 0923

This is Grilled Eel and not really to my liking.  The dish was prepared properly but the eel didn’t taste very good.  Normally I like this dish though.

This Week In Food 0923

Our last dish this week is Grilled Sliced Chicken. This dish was even better than it looks, if you can believe that!

Until our next Week In Food offering, I hope you have many enjoyable meals worthy of remembering!

Thanks for reading!  We welcome your comments and ratings below.

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  2. MJ, all I can say is that I am happy I just ate 🙂 The somtam is the most fermented and smelliest you can buy. The crabs taste disgusting and I love crab.

    The octopus looked so delicious. People who have never eaten octopus are missing out on probably the best tasting seafood there is. The first time Noot tried octopus was a real effort.

    She loves squid and I had to convince her that octopus is 10 times better. After she finally ate some and it was Sashimi style, her eyes bulged and then a burst of Thai and her and her sister Ben were addicts while we were on holiday.

    The tempura shrimp, wow but the chicken I know how good this is.

    I am glad I had just eaten or I would be raiding my fridge about now.

    Bruntys last blog post..Thai Bachelor Life, Isaan Thailand.

    1. Brunty, i don’t know what’s going on with those crabs but they didn’t taste like anything i’ve eaten before! we have somtom here all the time and this version was hard to eat, unfortunately. we had them make us another dish without the crab and we asked them to tone it down a bit with the fish sauce.

      octopus is way better than squid, IMO too! it’s a welcome addition to any meal if you ask me! the tempura was perhaps the best version i’ve had of that dish and the grilled chicken was just as good. we’ll have to meet up in Khonkaen sometime so we can take you to that restaurant. thanks Brunty.

  3. Great looking food. And I’m just about to head out to get some ingredients for dinner, so the timing is good, because I was planning to cook a Thai dish.

    It’s also given me a great idea that I’ll be emailing you about later.

    cfimagess last blog post..Tina in Taipei

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