Memorable Meals 2006, Part II

Photos by MJ Klein

Memorable Meals 2996, Part II

Our famous “hollow vegetable” with garlic.  This dish is both flavorful and healthy.

Memorable Meals 2996, Part II

Taiwanese style Egg Drop Soup.

Memorable Meals 2996, Part II

US Chinese restaurant goers will recognize this dish – Kung Pao chicken.  Rich and peppery, this was a very good version of this famous dish.

We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed the dishes!  Thanks for reading!

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  2. M.J., Those are great pictures and the way you describe the dishes,makes me hungry, cooking is one of my favorites , my one son, Richard is a retired chef, and my other two sons love to cook also , I guess I pasted my love for cooking down to the boys , also while Pastoring a church for twenty two years I always worked and was a restaurant manager for most of that time also. and after I stopped preaching in the US, I managed restaurants for Sizzler’s for 15 years . In fact my daughter -in -law is a gal after my own heart and has a cooking school in her home in Grants Pass ,Oregon where she gives private hands own cooking classes. Check out her web site , and she tells me that her Thai and Asian classes ,are the most requested, when we went for a vacation last year and spent a week and a half with them my Thai wife Ciejay taught her some dishes and my Thai sister- in-law Sue,who lives in California came up for a few days to join in the cooking classes too. She was for many years a Thai chef in the Thai Orchard Restaurants, and others , in the US. Opps there I go getting long winded again , I love you new post topics and love seeing the pictures of all that good food you are eating , by the way do you love to cook ???? Malcolm

    malcolms last blog post..AM I EVER GLAD TO SEE YOU

    1. Malcolm, we always enjoy your comments so go ahead and be as long-winded as you like! to answer your question, yes i love to cook. i’m an outdoor cook, using Dutch ovens and open wood fires for the majority of my cooking. very interesting family history you related. i’m going to check out the cooking school link (thanks for posting it). Thai food is very popular in the US, and one can make a lot of money cooking it there! cooking is a wonderful topic and we could go on about it forever! thanks Malcolm.

  3. Mmmmmmm…. I haven’t had Kung Pao Chicken in a looong time. Now you make me want to get some.

    Maybe I’ll get something decent tomorrow (Sunday… since its Saturday night here). Heading into Cambridge and the Charles River for the 2009 Boston Dragon Boat Festival. Bringing my new camera with me. If I get any good pics, they’ll be posted on my Flickr page.

    mike01905s last blog post..Boston’s Freedom Trail

    1. Mike, the kung pao chicken here is awesome. if you like it in the States you’ll like it here too. be sure to give us the link for your photos when you post them. you should put them into a collection on flickr and give us the URL for the set. thanks Mike.

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