Tainan’s Fisherman’s Village

Hui-Chen & I visited Fisherman’s Village in Tainan, as guests of our friend Mr. Charles Yapp. I had been there before, also as a guest of Mr. Yapp but this was Hui-Chen’s first time visiting. The restaurant complex is built around several fish farming ponds and there is some interesting history connected to the place that can be explored at one’s leisure. However, this time we were there for the food, of course! You can find the Fisherman’s Village at N23.12698 E120.11703.

On this evening we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset. I love Tainan….

Charles took this photo of Hui-Chen and I sitting on an oxcart.

This is our gracious host, Mr. Yapp and his wonderful family. Kind hearted, educated, cultured, Mr. Yapp and his family are really fun to be with. Plus Charles laughs at all of my dumb jokes!

Although these photos don’t do the place justice, Hui-Chen and I heartily recommend the Fisherman’s Village in Tainan as a really enjoyable place to relax and have a great meal. If fishing is your thing, this is the place for you too. There are a number of places along the walkways where you can grill your catch. We will be going there again soon!

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  1. Fantastic pics, Michael! Also, I was down in Tainan today! *sob* Nex time you are down there, let me know.


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