Recumbent Trike Equipment Update

Photos by MJ Klein

I updated some of the equipment on the trike in the last few days, so I wanted to do an article about the updates.

Air Zound Horn

I installed a Air Zound air horn on the right accessories bar.  I needed a really loud horn for 2 reasons: 1: I’m low to the ground and in some traffic situations I need to make my presence known in an authoritative manner. 2: I need to give a blast on a loud horn to discourage dogs from giving chase.

The Air Zound air horn is very effective and meets both requirements above.  The horn is powered by a bottle of compressed air that one fills using a regular air pump.  The recommended pressure is 80 PSI and when filled to that capacity, the horn is capable of delivering over 30 1-second blasts.  That’s more than enough capacity for most rides!

In the above photo, we see the air bottle at the bottom of the accessories bar.  I used white color tyraps to route the air tube up the bar to the horn itself.

Air Zound Horn In this photo, you see the air horn mounted on the bar, with the bright red activation switch.  The horn is actually mounted upside down with the horn aperture facing downwards.  One person commented that this mounting orientation is good in case of rain!  This is the only mounting position possible that allows access to the water bottle below, as the photo clearly shows.  It makes no difference that the horn is mounted upside down as it is extremely loud – on the order of 115 dB.

Now, as you may recall from the previous article, there used to be a small bag mounted on the accessories bar where the horn is now:

Asian Trike PR0N

I had to move this bag to another location:

Equipment Update It’s now mounted at the front of the trike on the same mount as the front light (blue hue is due to the color of the roof in the foyer).  The new position is just as convenient as previous as I ride with my Bluetooth headset for the phone anyway.  I don’t have to touch the phone to use it.

Equipment Update

One item that I can’t believe I forgot to mention last time is the on-board air pump.  Now that I have an air horn, this little hand pump becomes even more important; should I happen to run out of air, I can pump the bottle back up.  This pump is just the right size and doesn’t interfere with the operation of the trike in any way.

Thanks for reading.  Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and give us a rating below:

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  2. That hand pump looks like the same one as I carry on my MTB. It does the job to get you home if you flat while out riding. I also have a high-pressure “Joe Blow” floor pump at home for regular pumping duties.

    cfimagess last blog post..Fresh – A Lighting Tutorial

    1. the hand pump is a Giant brand and very common. i also have a Giant floor pump, which is really hard to beat. i only use the hand pump when i’m outside away from the floor pump of course. as you said, it does the job if you get a flat while out riding, but i wouldn’t want to use it for everything!

  3. This looks perfect! I should really invest in an air horn… my bell doesn’t cut it against mountain strays (which are several times less predictable than their city counterparts) and all the careless motorists from I encounter during my commute.

    Todds last blog post..Daily Photo – Free Wireless

  4. Hey… I like that. I really can’t that I’ve never seen anything like that for sale here in the USA… mainly because I’ve never looked for something like this 🙂

    I really wouldn’t have much of a use for something like this. I don’t really have a problem with dogs and so on chaing me when I’m on my bike. When I’m riding up in Lynn Woods… don’t really have a problem with animals up there. I do encounter problem drivers who don’t pay attention to their driving (usually because they are talking on their cell phones) in which a simple hand gesture telling them that they are number 1 is all I do:-) When riding along the beaches and there are a lot of people walking along the beach… I usually have one of my two-ways with me in which I monitor local police frequencies and when pedstrians hear that…. they usually move out of my way 🙂

    Now… with how closer you are to the equator than I am and how intense the sun can be there… I’m surprised you used white ty-wraps. I figured you would’ve used some black UV-resistant ty-wraps so that they wouldn’t crack and break over time. I used black UV-resistant ty-wraps when running a power cable from the large Ni-MH battery in a bag under my seat to my handlebars for the two-way radio and GPS.

    1. Mike, i like the police frequencies monitoring, lol. i’m sure your LBS (local bike shop) has or can order the Air Zound if you wanted to find one.

      i used the white tyraps because that’s what i had in my toolbox. i will probably change them out later.

      do you do bicycle mobile APRS?

      1. I have done APRS on my bike in the past. However… I haven’t made up a cable to go from my Garmin GPS V to my Kenwood TH-D7A yet (I’ve used my ForeTrex 201 with my TH-D7A in the past). Not sure how well I get into the local APRS digi’s tho. Thinking about putting a rack on the back of the bike and mounting like a Diamond 5/8-5/8 antenna (they make quite a few mobile antennas for VHF/UHF that don’t require a groundplane). If only I could mount my Yaesu FT-817 and an antenna for bicycle HF 🙂

        I’ll have to Google Air Zound and see where its available here in the USA and check with Lynn Shore Cycle at Western Ave and Chestnut St to see if they can order it.

        1. Mike, as you know, the design of the 1/2 wave vertical makes it independent of a ground plane. so virtually any 1/2 wave will do. you could always mount a 1/2 wave J-pole on the rack! lol

          maybe we could do an article on updating your bike equipment sometime. especially if you do install an Air Zound!

          1. OK… I just Google’d “Air Zound”. All I san say is… I better be able to find it at a local bike shop. Here is the address that I found for the company that makes the Air Zound…

            125 Washington Street
            Foxborough, MA 02035 USA

            When I look to find a local dealer… Salem Cycle is listed as a dealer for their products. So I went to the Salem Cycle website and they have it for USD $41.99 ($39.99 plus the 5% Mass sales tax) which is about NT $1,391 at today’s exchange rate.

            Not sure if I’m going to get one. Like I said… I don’t really have much of a need for one. I don’t have much of a problem with dogs chasing me and when on a crowded sidewalk (which I pretty much only encounter along Lynn, Nahant, and Revere beaches) the sound of the local police coming out of the two-way radio usually make people move out of my way 🙂

          2. And yeah… I know I can go with a J-pole… but I was thinking more along the lines of a rear rack and then putting either a mirror or luggage rack type mount with an NMO or UHF connector on it.

            I already have a Diamond 6m/2m/70cm mobile antenna (6m needs a groundplane, 2m and 70cm doesn’t). I figured the bike frame “should” be enough of a groundplane for 6m.

            Now… what to do for 20m 🙂

          3. with the disrespect and contempt that US drivers show towards bicyclists, there is going to come a time when you need to blast your airhorn just to command the space you need on the road. i’m sure the cute trick of the police on the scanner works, but that depends upon 1: people hearing it (which won’t happen in a closed up car) and 2: the police transmitting at the exact time you need them to be. sooner or later it’s not going to work and you’re going to get smashed by something. i think every bike needs one of those horns. after all, they were invented in Massachusetts for a good reason!

    1. i’m not sure i want to go looking for some stray dogs to deter. also i’ll have to figure out how i can mount my video camera on the trike. i do have a Glidecam but that requires someone’s hands on the rig to hold it from swaying. not sure if a solid mount wouldn’t render the whole video bad due to excesses vibration. a helmet mount might be possible if i can figure out a way to strap the camera onto the helmet.

  5. MJ

    Is pepper spray or mace legal in Taiwan? Looks like you’re only missing that and a TV. 😛

    Have you ever done a post on how you wound up in Taiwan?

    1. owshawng, yes it is legal and i have a small can of it. the spray isn’t very forceful so i don’t carry it with me anymore. i tried it once on my DF bike and for the most part the wind took it away. i think i smelled more than the dog but nevertheless he did back off.

      i suppose i could get one of those mobile phone/TV units and have a TV on my trike….

      no i never did a post on how i ended up in Taiwan. it’s a messy story involving people with whom i no longer associate and i don’t want to bring them up and that situation up, you understand. it’s a Rags to Riches story for sure though.

  6. Gotcha MJ,

    Just curious since my wife and I talk about moving to Taichung sometimes.

    1. owshawng, i don’t regret my decision to move here and it’s my intention to stay for the duration. i tell people that i’m an immigrant to Taiwan and not a visitor.

  7. Where can I get mirrors like that? I just bought an artifice here in the states and it didn’t come with mirrors.

    1. hi Daniel. our reader Mel said “Looks like the CM311 mirrors from may be a close match. 24.95 for two in April 2010.” he’s in the US and found a close match on that website.

  8. Hi Mike,

    I’m from Milton Keynes, England. After reading all about your Artifice I decided to buy one and will be collecting it from London tomorrow. It is the best value for money I can find.
    My main interest is 2 wheeled e-bikes or pedelecs. My plan for the future is to fit an electric kit to the Artifice.



    1. hi John and thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. you’re going to love riding the Artifice! welcome to the trike world! let us know how you make out after you get it all set up, etc. take care.

    1. i have a Merida MTB in Muang Phon, and i’m afraid to ride the darn thing. last time i did, i had a whole pack of dogs chasing me. i made up a batch of super-hot chili water and squirted a few of them in the eyes. they got the message, but the rest kept coming. Thailand has a real mess on it’s hands with stray dogs!

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