Blue Sky Show Update

Blue Sky is playing at the Bitan Music Fest this weekend on March 15.  According to the schedule, the time is somewhere between 15:00 and 17:00.  I’m not sure exactly when the band is going to play as there is a Thai cooking demonstration that is going to take place live on stage.

We were scheduled to play March 21 in Taichung for the premier of the new movie Detours to Paradise but the venue is being renovated.  Once the venue is finished the movie premier will be re-scheduled.

There is also a Kaohsiung premier scheduled but that date hasn’t been released yet.

Rumor has it that Blue Sky will be playing at Taoyuan Stadium for the Thai New Year celebration that takes place there every year.  I’ll let you know when I find out for certain.

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  1. MJ you are going to be a busy man, will you be able to get any recordings of the band playing and put them up with VMEO or the video service you use.

    I’d love to hear you belting out some tunes again. When I heard you play and sing here in Thailand I enjoyed it so much. Hearing a professional do what he loves and also sounding great doing is something I would like to hear again.

    1. hey Brunty, you’re making me blush, lol. as for video, i have to find someone to shoot the video. it’s probably too much for Hui-chen to do by herself (she’ll be taking still photos). i have the Glidecam system now (as you probably remember) and if i can get someone to do some shooting with it, i’ll edit the scenes into a movie and put it on Vimeo. i was thinking that i’d like to do another video, actually. thanks Brunty, and btw, excellent work on your last weigh-in 🙂

      1. Hope that there is a spare body about the place and they aren’t too drunk. Thais love to party and drink, until they usually cannot speak but grope whoever is close enough be it male or female.

        The glide cam was an excellent peice of equipment and I was amazed by it. How they had come up with the way it all balances and stops that bouncing all over the place, with practise of course.

        So if you do get footage, then great but if not I am sure in the near future I will hear you again live my friend.

        Bruntys last blog post..A Goal Too Big, Bites my Fat Butt, Isaan Thailand.

        1. Brunty, you are so right about Thais (men that is) and i’ll never get how they’ll grope everything in site, M or F. all it takes is a little alcohol. i like to party with Thais but i’m always wary of them when they get drunk.

          i’ll see what i can do about drafting one of my friends into the position of Cinematographer for the afternoon! thanks Brunty.

    1. David, of course we hope you can make it but we understand if you can’t. the new Blue Sky has the best of both the old Blue Sky and the Fong Bands. Peter, the other guitar player also plays lead, and when both guitar players play lead guitar it makes for a much better performance. thanks David.

  2. Selina and I are going to do our best to make it to this gig. I’m shooting a gig on the night of the 14th that won’t end until 3 or 4am so hopefully I’ll be awake in time to make it to Bitan.

      1. If you’re playing the Songkran thing in Taoyuan, we should do a few promo photos beforehand.

        I might try and shoot some 1080p HD video with the Canon 5D II on the 15th – I haven’t really done anything with the video capabilities on that camera, so there’s no guarantee that it’ll work.

        cfimagess last blog post..Spacefunk @ VU Livehouse

  3. Sounds like a good time. You should record the next few performances and release a live CD.

    For those about to rock we salute you.

    1. Colby if we were doing original material i might be inclined to do something like that. but this is a cover gig as it’s Thai Day in the festival and we’re playing lots of major Thai hit songs.

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    1. Hi Andrew, and welcome. how do you like Taiwan after being here for over a year?

      i’ll add your site to the blogroll listing. hope to cu you again.

        1. Andrew, i’m happy to put your site in our links. the only problem i can see is that i’m not a teacher (and neither is Andres), so putting our sites on the “teacher’s blog” page is a bit misleading. just a thought. take care.

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