Snake On A Lake

Photos by Hui-chen

Video by MJ Klein

We took Dad out on Belews Lake on a pontoon boat. It was a great day and everyone had a wonderful time on the calm waters of the lake. We were going along at a relatively slow speed and came across this snake swimming at a surprisingly high speed:

Snake On The Lake

I was using my new Glidecam Pro 2000 with the body pod and managed to get some video too.

Snake On The Lake

Snake On The Lake

Hui-chen snapped some great shots of the snake swimming. In this shot you can see it’s tongue sticking out!

Now, here is the video:

Snake On A Lake from MJ Klein on Vimeo.

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  2. MJ. Do you know what kind of snake it was, just out of curiosity. I heard you say “it looks like a Racer” I don’t know if that is the breed or just because it was going fast!! The lake looks absolutely beautiful and would have been a lovely way to spend a few hours.

    Can you go skiing on the lake? It would be great for barefooting and also wakeboarding but that means the peace and tranquility would be gone.

    Bruntys last blog post..Writing for a living! I don’t think so. Thailand.

    1. Brunty » it looked like a variety of snake in this part of the US that are called “racers.” they are harmless, beneficial snakes that are indeed, very fast. i was surprised to see how fast it could swim! i thought I saw a yellow stripe down it’s side but i didn’t notice it in the photos or video.

      several other boats were out that day, towing skiers. there were also some personal watercraft going about too. the lake is large enough to find a secluded spot for fishing or just lazing about. there’s room enough for everyone.

      if you click on the Geotagged Articles Map, you can see what the lake looks like on Google Maps.

      thanks and take care Brunty.

  3. the those are great photos! i don’t know how big that lake is, but you should do some photoshop and start an urgan legend about a lake monster like the loch ness or ogopogo.

    the video is great too. very stable considering you were on a boat and looked like you had some drift too.

    andress last blog post..canada d’eh beach party 2008

    1. andres » haha, feel free man! two times during the trip, the boat driver changed course and knocked me down. good thing i was wearing the body pod!

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