Made It To Osaka….

What an absolutely abhorrent and grueling trip from Detroit to Osaka! Northwest had the gall to put me in a main row seat instead of the aisle as I always request. I’ve flown with them for almost 200,000 miles since 2002 and I’ve been an Elite member flyer for the majority of that time. This flight was so annoying, especially because of the woman beside me (not Hui-chen!) who kept the stupid light on for most of the trip. I’m used to being in an aisle seat with Hui-chen on the other side. I’m too big to be sandwiched between 2 people. Plus, as soon as we hit cruising altitude the person in front of me pushed her seat back for the entire time, pinning my knees very well in the process. We are so looking forward to getting back home to Taiwan! The flight boards for Taipei in about an hour.

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  1. Flights from North America to Asia are always a pain. I took two recently and they weren’t too bad. I was in the latest biggest Airbus and it had enough space for my legs. The Business class and 1st class people had these long couches which became beds. Looked pretty comfy, but not worth the cash.

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    1. range » i’ve flown WBC on Northwest and KLM before and it certainly is nice while you’re there! but i tend to agree with you on the prices. the company that is paying for all of this is ours!

  2. I see people who aren’t bothered by flying. There’s jobs now where the plane is like taking a car to work.

  3. This sounds like a familiar story. John has the same problem. We always go to the airport early and ask for exit row seats. The one time we weren’t able to get them, John had to scrunch his knees up into the back of the chair in front. He was miserable.

    Then the woman in front of us complained because she couldn’t recline in her chair. She started pushing back on the seat and finally turned around and yelled at John. John stood up and told her there wasn’t anything he could do about it. She threw a hissy fit. Lucky for us, a kind old couple gave up their seats so John could have an aisle seat. Now we use our miles to upgrade every chance we get.

    1. Carrie » i hate emergency row seating because the seat is narrower due to the tray being in the armrest. i can deal with an aisle seat though. i think it’s time for me to write a letter to NorthWest and explain it to them. it seems like they don’t’ appreciate their loyal fliers anymore.

      next time, instead of stating that there isn’t anything that can be done about it, have John loudly and publicly ask “what should i do?” or “what do you suggest i do?” and put them on the spot. that’s what i normally do, and when the person invariably says “i don’t know” i finish them off by yelling “if you don’t know, then shut up!”

  4. I keep typing and then erasing… because this comment really isn’t that useful… and the post was made a week ago now (getting caught up on my feeds)…
    but man… I just hate flying Northwest so much that I can’t pass up the opportunity.

    When I fly alone, I’ll fly Northwest… but I’ll swim across the Pacific with my wife and kids on my back before I would buy tickets at any price to make that trip on Northwest.

    So… I’m not exactly a loyal customer, lol… but the YOU ARE… and I think you got a very raw deal. A letter about this would seem to be in order.

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    1. sqjtaipei » i think you’re right. after i saw a piece of luggage coming around the bend in the carousel that has been forced open, and after realizing it was one of ours, the fun just went out of the experience.

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