Impromptu Grill Party!

Photos by MJ Klein Food Photos!

I’m sure by now you are wondering if we have stopped grilling and partying because of the weather. The answer to that is a definite “no!” In fact, last Sunday was a great evening because I got one of those phone calls that invited us to an impromptu grill party!

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
Chicken in the gas grill

So, I get this call (in Chinese):

“Mr. Mi-ken (Thai speakers say Michael like that), can you come over for grilled food and drinking?

“Yes, I should be able to come, thank you.” (was that a trick question?)

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
Of course, our friendly Sang Som Royal Thai Rum was in attendance!

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
Notice the chicken leg with the foot still on.

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
This gas fired grill made quick work of the chicken!

But I didn’t get to eat for long, as I was dragged down to Shao-hui’s Thai Star disco to do an impromptu show with Fong. Unfortunately there are no shots of me playing with Fong because when I’m on stage there is no one around to handle the camera – that is unless Craig Ferguson is there! You should click on that link to see what a real photographer can do!

But I did manage to get a few shots of the guest band Blue Sky

Impromptu Thai Grill Party

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
Also, A-nune (lead singer of Fong) and is pretty wife. After the show we went back to the party.

Impromptu Thai Grill Party

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
And acting silly of course!

Impromptu Thai Grill Party
This is me with my Thai children. This is a local joke in my neighborhood and they all love playing it out.

You can check out more photos on Cu next time!

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  1. MJ. Looked like a great night and I am sure you had fun as your favourite rum was involved.

    It looks as though there is a good community of Thai people around you and Thais no how to enjoy themselves.

    As for chicken feet. I eat them, they are okay but chewy and fatty. Thais love their soups and spicy salads that contain feet. But again Thais don’t really waste any part of an animal after it has been slaughtered.

    Brunty’s last blog post..Thailand. Christmas Day celebrations at a Thai school.

  2. Brunty » you are so right – Thais know how to have fun! this is a good community and i enjoy being able to converse with the people here in Chinese. i feel bad (and stupid) when i’m in Thailand because i do not know the language. chicken feet can be good. i like the ones with no bones because the cartilage is really good for you. take care my friend.

  3. Patrick Cowsill » if you are referring to the first photo, those are ads for phone cards. non-food, non booze? impossible i would say. that’s what we do when we hang out and i make no apologies for it! hehe

  4. Patrick Cowsill » yes, those are the prepaid phone cards (if you are referring to the flags on the wall in the first photo). the store in our neighborhood will give you a good deal.

    i drink too much. it’s a fact. but we have our own business and have no one to report to. so i’m enjoying the last 1/3 of my life here in Taiwan. you and your family are welcome to come join us anytime. we’re throwing another grill party tomorrow afternoon. take care Patrick.

  5. I’m not leaving either, MJ. It looks like you have a sweet set-up, starting with having nobody to report to. To me, that’s the best way to spend the last third of a life (though you’re married, so there’s some room for me to question your motto). I’m already spoken for when it comes to new year celebrations, but am looking forward to joining you for a grill party some time in 2008. Keep up the good work on your blog next year – I, for one, am enjoying its content.

    There’s nothing like a little nip of something to take the edge off being here, though maybe one of my resolutions should be complain less, enjoy more.

    Patrick Cowsill’s last blog post..TCR C2 Giant

  6. Patrick Cowsill » if my father is any indication, i should be around a bit longer than 1/3…. and i sure am enjoying my life with Hui-chen. you and your family are welcome down here in the sticks, anytime! i drank a great deal of alcohol last night, as part of my unannounced plan to stop drinking so much. i’m also going to end my experiment with tobacco products (even though i don’t inhale anything). thanks for your kind comments about our blog. writing is a fun experience for me, and editing seems to be a fun experience for HC! i also enjoy reading your blog, and i am one of your RSS subscribers. thanks and take care Patrick!

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