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I run a group on called Asian Food. This is a public photo “pool” that allows flickr members to upload photos of wonderful Asian Food dishes they’ve photographed in Asia. With 47 members and well over 1,000 photos, its a healthy group!

I would like to highlight the photography of the top contributers, starting with Noelavion, who currently tops 500 photos in the pool.

This housewife lives in the Yokohama area of Tokyo, Japan, and uses a Canon digital point-and-shoot type camera to take photos in her “simple way” as she puts it. Several times during 2005 she had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong where her husband was working, and to enjoy the Chinese foods of Hong Kong for the first time. Lately Noelavion has traveled to Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, China and other places where she has taken excellent photos of dishes from those exotic locales.

You’ll find those dishes and more on her photostream. Here are some of her shots that you can find in the Asian Food Group:

Afternoon tea @Oriental Lounge

huge fried shrimp



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  1. Thank you so much for your notice of my photos.

    I’ll give additional information,
    In Japan,it’s very popular to eat Chinese dishes,we easily find Chinese restaurant everywhere.

    And I love to travel abroad,therefore
    It’s not the first time to have chinese @HK.
    My first visit to Hk is on 1979.

    I hope many peple to enjoy my photos,
    Thank you.

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