Hong Kong Part IV: Fish Market

Photos by MJ Klein

Continuing with our series on Hong Kong, our walking tour takes us to the fish market. Unlike the fish markets in Taiwan that we’ve blogged on many times, this fish market sells pet fish. The variety is unbelievable!

Hong Kong Fish Market
Hui-chen checks out some of the goldfish varieties

Hong Kong Fish Market
Fish and plants are mounted on the wall in plastic bags. You just pick the items you want and the owner will take them down off the wall for you.

Hong Kong Fish Market
Another shop we went to had rows and rows of tanks overflowing with fish.

Hong Kong Fish Market
This shop has plants on the right side.

Hong Kong Fish Market
And some very exotic fish on the left side. This is a type of shark for 35 Hong Kong dollars. That seems reasonable to me for such and exotic pet fish.

Standford Hillview Hotel, Kowloon
After our walking tour of Kowloon, we returned to Stanford Hillview Hotel on Observatory Road. We walked up the big hill to the door of the hotel, but after such a long walking tour you might want to have a taxi drop you off instead!

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  1. I have become a bit of a fish nut here in Thailand and have 4 fish tanks. They aren’t huge but take a lot of care to maintain.

    Many people think it’s simple having fish as pets but sadly isn’t the case. A little bit of money during set-up will save you a lot of time and some money down the track.

    There are many people who sell fish in markets around Ubon but I like to buy my from a real fish shop. They are a little more expensive but come without lice and other diseases usually.

    The shops there looked fantastic and really well set up, we don’t have anything as flash here in Isaan. I haven’t told Noot but I am planning on buying myself a large fish tank a metre by eight hundred.

    It will be my Christmas present if all goes well.

    Brunty’s last blog post..Thailand. Ajarn Chen spreads his wisdom.

  2. Brunty » yes your fish tanks are well known. i’m interested in seeing the new one when it arrives. you’d like that area of HK i’m sure. seeing exotic breeds of fish up on the wall was a real trip!

  3. I still remember with great sadness tearing down and selling my 29 gallon mini-reef aquarium before moving to Taiwan. I sold everything for a steal… but there was peace of mind knowing that all my fish and corals were going to a responsible reefkeeper who had been in the hobby for a very long time.

    Todd’s last blog post..New Class – Taiwan Today

  4. Todd » people who’ve never owned a salt water tank have no idea how wonderful they are. have you checked them out in Taiwan? i’ve only seen fresh water tanks at places like the Tai Mall. thanks.

  5. Todd » all the people that i knew in Florida who had saltwater tanks kept the AC on in the summer, full time. you’d have to do that here too.

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