A Day At Yong An Fishing Port

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Meals featured: Sashimi; Fish Hot Pot

Our friend Michael Turton came up to see us again this weekend, and we decided to take a trip up to the Yong An fishing port! Its a great place to walk around and see all the activity both inside and outside the port.

There is a dredging project going on, to open up the port depth apparently. This backhoe operator is skillfully using the backhoe to move the barge along. It was fascinating to watch!

Working at the entrance to the port.

This is a shot of the famous bridge from the market side.

Once inside, you find the first section: restaurants. There are quite a few restaurants, and more of them feature the typical pushy Taiwanese hard selling person in the front. Annoying and insulting to Westerners, they say the same crap at every restaurant: “The food here is so good!
Everything is fresh!” etc., and then try to draw your attention to the menu. The truth is, I never go into a place with a hard seller because I do not want to reinforce their behavior. I don’t want
them to think that my decision to eat there was based on their “selling” technique! Turns out that Michael feels the same way. On this side, the restaurant people were a lot less aggressive.

Here are some more shots of the restaurant side:

Next, we went into the “fresh fish area” as its called in Chinese. This is the actual fish market building.

This guy is doing what most Taiwanese vendors do – telling him what he should buy, without asking a single question about his needs. The variety of fish is amazing.

That’s shark meat in the center.

Dried offerings (above and below).

More fish than you could ever imagine….

These are the various squid taken off the coast of Taiwan.

The number, and size, of the squid was surprising.

This is Mexican abalone.

More shark meat.

This is the auction area.

We couldn’t have gone all day in a fish market without buying something! We got some sashimi from one of the many vendors, and took it outside to eat. Excellent!

This is Michael Turton displaying his chopstick skills with a fresh piece of sashimi.

Hui-chen and I decided to get some fish to make “hot pot” for dinner. Here she is picking out the fish meat she wants.

These carcasses and other pieces are for making stock. We bought a large tuna chin and used it in our hot pot. It made for a very tasty soup!

This is the overall shot of the hot pot ingredients.

Vegetables, tofu, and tofu skin.

Mushrooms/fungus, and fish meat.

This is a closeup of the fish meat, which includes salmon and tuna. On a cold night, a fish hot pot meal with fatty salmon and tuna is very satisfying!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our visit to Yong An Fishing Port as much as we enjoyed going there!

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  1. That shot of the bridge is really good — perfect angle. The hot pot looks great!


  2. we packed up 1/2 of the fish and put it in the freezer. maybe next time you can join us!

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