Duck & Seafood Restaurant

Sunday, Hui-chen and I were driving around in the northern part of Taoyuan. On the way back home we noticed a restaurant that specializes in duck and seafood. We had to check it out!

Typical Taiwanese style restaurant, with many round tables. This is the kitchen. Now for the dishes!

???? Wok friend flower pods (???) with enough garlic to put down a squad of vampires!

??? “3 Fried Seafood” containing sea cucumber, shrimp and squid.

One of my all-time favorite dishes (when cooked Taiwanese style): ???? deep fried large pork intestine stuffed with scallions.

?? Sliced duck meat with sauce.

???? Wok fried asparagus. Really great!

????? Grilled fish chin.

This was an excellent meal and also went well with Taiwan Beer!

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