Phoenix Goes to the Beach

Photos by MJ Klein

We took Phoenix to the beach here in Taiwan, for the first time.

Phoenix Goes to the Beach

We had bought her some new toys for playing with sand, and we wanted to show her how to use them.  Once we filled up the wheelbarrow and showed her how to dig in the sand, she started enjoying herself.

Phoenix Goes to the Beach

Phoenix Goes to the Beach

To be honest, we were appalled at the condition of the beach.  It was littered with cigarette butts (what is it about smokers that makes them think their butts are not trash to be disposed of properly?), glass and other garbage.  In fact, it was difficult for us to find a place clean enough for her to play.  She kept trying to pick up the cigarette butts and other trash to play with it.  This is one unfortunate side of living in Taiwan.  People here don’t take trash disposal seriously and they often dispose of it right on the street.  I’d better stop before this becomes a diatribe!

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  1. A bit cool for going to the beach here.

    The temps got up to 77F (about 24C) here on Monday. Then we had rain on Tuesday… but it got up to about 68F (20C). The rain lasted overnight and on Wednesday morning… woke up to a light coating of SNOW.

    New England weather… you got to love it 🙂

  2. Wow is that kid growing up fast ,” cute as a button” as my Mom would say, and I agree. great pictures of the baby , now it’s time to start bar-b -queing and dutch oven cooking and pictures of FOOD lol , take care and hugs and hello’s to you and your’s.

    1. hi Malcolm, always a pleasure to see your comments in our blog. now that summer is finally arriving, we’ll be doing some BBQing and Dutch oven cooking for sure! thanks for dropping by! take care.

  3. Watching kids acquiring new skills is such a great feeling. My daughter keeps pestering me about going to the beach as well (when we are in Taiwan again) so she can catch fish for us to eat …

    1. hi Stefan. oh that’s so nice. she’s a real cutie, your Iris 🙂 looking forward to getting together again this summer. take care.

  4. Kids and sand go naturally well together! It looks like she had a great time. I understand your reaction to the beach. We went several times to Qiding, and while the water quality was OK (at least according to government standards!), there was always a lot of trash left on the sand.
    Kaminoge´s last post ..A weekend in Suzhou (Part 1)

    1. hi Jim. yes, Phoenix did have a great time digging around in the sand. but i couldn’t stop thinking that any moment she would dig up something really disgusting (like a turd) because the beach was just so filthy! take care, Jim and thanks.

  5. Happy to see Phoenix’s pictures. She is growing fast.
    Have been without internet at home since end of March. Use the library computers a couple times each week to check what is going on in the world.
    Drusus is growing fast too. He smiles when he sees us come to visit.

    1. hi Carolyn, it’s nice to have you back! glad you’re enjoying Drusus. that’s a great age for kids 🙂 when will you be getting your internet service back? take care.

      1. Probably after I get my desktop computer fixed and that will not be until end of summer.

        You all take care too.

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