I Can’t Believe It’s June!

Photo by MJ Klein

It’s June!  I haven’t even posted anything for May.  That doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening of course. But things are rather routine, which is probably a good thing.  My Sigma lens has stopped working and I need to send it back to the factory for rebuilding.  My 6 year old computer finally got so slow that I broke down and got a new one.  We’re planning a trip back to the USA, and of course we’ll be writing all about that.  Phoenix is growing up so fast.  She is learning new words every day and she’s getting so tall.  That’s about all that’s going on at the moment.  Here’s what the new computer looks like:

New 27" MSi Touchscreen AIO Computer

This is a 27″ AIO (All In One), running Windows 8.1, Core i7, 16g RAM, 128G SSD, 1TB HDD, Nvidia GEFORCE graphics, Blu-Ray optical drive, USB 3.0, 10 point touchscreen and MSi Military Class II components. This machine boots in 8 seconds and is so fast that I can accidentally delete something before I even realize it’s gone! Built-in SD card reader makes it especially convenient for editing photos in Adobe Lightroom (shown on the screen). This is a special version made for Taiwan with a digital TV tuner and THX audio. Oh, I forgot to add that the screen is non-glare.

This machine has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this model and company.

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  1. Nice machine. I’ve been wondering about the touch screen – do you find yourself to use that often, or do you mostly stick to working with the mouse?

    1. hi Stefan. how are things going with you? we should be getting together soon, right? good question. the answer is that it all depends entirely on the app i’m using. something like Google Maps which fully supports gestures like pinch and zoom, are much easier to use than the mouse. i’ve also done some finger painting in Lightroom. most of the time though i don’t really use the touch screen. i keep my hands on the keyboard and mouse for nearly everything. some of the new Windows 8 apps won’t fully function without using the touch screen. there are often several screens of information that one needs to swipe to see, and the mouse won’t work on that function. the 27″ size is almost too big, as i often have to turn my head to see one end and the other end of the screen. my wife’s 22″ seems like a perfect size for most applications. thanks Stefan and i hope to see you and your family again soon! take care.

  2. Hi MJ,

    Yes, we just bought the tickets – I’ve sent you an email with the dates. 🙂

    That should be fun!

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