The Wild West Block Party

Photos by MJ Klein, and others

The Wild West Block Party was a success!  While not overwhelmingly attended, a good amount of people came by and enjoyed the beer and steak specials.

Wild West Block Party

Of course, we wish you could have attended!

Wild West Block Party

This photo shows the new thing that I learned on Saturday.  Jimmy, the Wild West chef, showed me how to “burn the bone” as he put it, on a delicious thick T-bone steak.  Then he put the fatty side of the steak down and burned that for a few minutes.  After that Jimmy left me on my own to cook the rest.  All during the day, Jimmy was very helpful in showing everyone how to use the gas grill and get the most out of their steak cooking experience.  We want to thank Jimmy for all his help that day.

Wild West Block Party

Wild West Block Party

During the first few hours, everyone who was there was someone I knew and invited.  That was really cool, having so many friends joining us.

Wild West Block Party

This is Ashish holding his new son, Ethan.

Wild West Block Party

This is of course, Andre and Olivia.  Tristan was there also but he didn’t make an appearance in any of my photos unfortunately.

Wild West Block Party

Someone picked up my camera and took this artist shot of Van.  Whoever you are, it looks very cool!

Wild West Block Party

The evening was just perfect, with a light breeze.

Wild West Block Party

I took this last photo so you would know what it was like from the performing position.  We broadcast a few hours on Bushman’s Party Channel on our Webcam page.  Feel free to check out the recording (which sometimes freezes video, but the audio is good).

Later on more friends arrived, including our longtime reader and commentator, Stefan (no photos to protect privacy).  It was a pleasure to finally meet you Stefan, and thank you for coming to our block party!

Wish everyone could have been there!  Thanks for reading!  Please feel free to leave a comment or use the icons for social media sharing.

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  1. Nice event… too bad I wasn’tthere to attened.

    That probably would’ve been cancelled here on Saturday. Had an approaching cold front and all of Mass was under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch (Central and western MAss were under a Tornado Watch). Had some nice showers and thunderstorms in parts of Eastern Mass.

    But what a cold front it was. Woke up this morning with temps 57 degrees (14c). Tonight temps will get down to about 47 degrees (8c). You won’t see temps that low all winter long there 🙂
    mike01905´s last post ..USS Constitution Sets Sail

    1. hi Mike, yeah too bad you weren’t here. it did threaten to rain (30% chance) but nothing happened and the weather ended up perfect in the evening. enjoy your cooler weather before the cold sets in! cya.

      1. Enjoy the cooler weather before the cold sets in… when have you EVER heard me complain about it being “too cold”???

        Remember… years ago you said that I have iced water running thru my veins 🙂

        In fact… with the cooler and less humid weaither coming… a friend of mine is interested in going to the USS Salem and going down to Battleship Cove (I’ve never been to either one). Will have to take pictures in those places to post on Flickr 🙂
        mike01905´s last post ..USS Constitution Sets Sail

        1. Mike, no i have never heard you even say the words “it’s cold” before, ever. that photo expedition sounds like a fun one. looking forward to seeing the results. take care.

  2. Hi MJ

    Thanks a lot for having me, it really was a fun event. Lots of very nice people there, good food and great music.

    Meeting Andres was a nice surprise, too.

    Looking at the pictures I wish I’d tried cooking my own steak, too – maybe next time, then. 🙂

      1. Hi MJ – well we finished our vacation and are back in Munich now. I’m definitely game for the next event once we are in Taiwan again!
        And if your travels ever take you to Munich – please let me know, we’d love to show you around.

        1. hi Stefan, we would love to visit Munich! HC and i have talked about vising Germany a number of times. we’ll be sure to keep you informed so you can join us during your next trip to Taiwan. thanks Stefan!

  3. Looks like a fun time for everyone. Wish I could have been there. The steaks look delicious.

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