Roadwork Update

Photos by MJ Klein

Today I snapped a few photos of the more recent work that’s been done near our home:

Road Work Update

All that’s left of the work that was being done at night, is this “L” shaped hole, now all patched.

Behind where that hole is,

Road Work Update

we see a big pile of dirt and some plastic pipes that have yet to be installed somewhere.  The dirt pile is where a big hole was last week, which presumably connected underground with the big hole directly across the street (detail shot below).  I have no idea where those pipes are going.

Road Work Update

The big main site hole is now covered.  Taking months to complete, and with many pilings having been pounded into the ground, I assume that there is now a large room below ground where people are working.  One thing that leads me to that conclusion is the air pump (with the orange duct) seen here, presumably pumping air down into the work space.

The information sign that accompanies every construction site in Taiwan, has been removed.  They were behind schedule according to the last time I looked at the sign.  Hui-chen heard a rumor that this construction project has the main goal of eliminating some of the power poles in the neighborhood.  That certainly would be good for us, as there are 2 poles adjacent to our carport.

If I find out anything more, I’ll let you know!

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  2. That seems like a reasonable conclusion… putting utility lines (telephone, power, etc) underground thru what looks like those blue PVC pipes.

    I wish they would do that around here. Don’t know how many times someone has plowed their car in a telephone pole… and power has gone out.
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