Late Night Roadwork

Mobile Phone photos by MJ Klein

Late Night Road Work

Last night Hui-chen and I came home to find more road work outside of our home.  Here we see that the local DPW has dug a huge hole in the middle of the road.

Late Night Road Work

They’re in the process of digging it out.

Late Night Road Work

This went on all night long.  Today, the work continues.  We have no idea what they’re doing but it looks major.

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  2. That seems strange… digging/doing road work overnight.

    Here… they usually only do work like that in a residential area if an emergency (water main break, sewage or gas line problem, etc) happens and it needs to be fixed.
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    1. hi Mike. i think the reason they did the work so late at night is because that road is one of the main roads in this area and has a great deal of daytime traffic. they closed that lane off completely and diverted traffic down the other lane. it’s just a matter of trying to do the work with the minimal impact on traffic. thanks Mike.

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