New Home Gym

Photos by MJ Klein

One of the great things about living in Taiwan is all the great deals you can get on locally made items, like this Johnson Home Gym.

New Home Gym

I have been looking for something like this for quite some time, and then stumbled across it at an exercise equipment store in Hsinchu.  The price included delivery and setup.

New Home Gym

The factory sent out 3 men in a truck, and they spent about an hour and a half on setup.  I don’t know how they can do it for that price.

New Home Gym

Here are some of the components on the floor prior to setup.

New Home Gym

They gave us a few gifts and one of them was this cool floor mat for the gym to sit on.

New Home Gym

The guys didn’t mess around and got right to work putting it all together.  That’s my Total Gym 9000 in the background.

New Home Gym

New Home Gym

Adding the weights to the stack.

New Home Gym

New Home Gym

New Home Gym

The pad in the very front is for supporting your arms when doing “preacher curls.”  Very useful for focusing on that exercise, most of the the time this pad will be removed from the machine.

New Home Gym

New Home Gym

The weight stack is shrouded with these nice black curtains.

New Home Gym

And there you have it.  The complete machine, with the preacher curl pad removed so you can see more details.  The machine does bench press, flies, pulldowns from the top bar, pullups from the bottom bar in the front.  The front bar is used for the curls.  With those options the machine can do a full exercise routine up to 120 pounds on the weight stack.  This machine is just what I was looking for.  Now, get ready for the price.

Delivered, assembled and setup for use, including the floor mat and one other gift (an isometric dumbell) the final price was NT 14,000, or USD 488!  What a bargain!

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  2. All that healthy Taiwanese food and a gym… This got me inspired!
    I’d love to be in an area like that where fish and vegetables resonably cheap


    1. hi Brunty. i had my first workout of my new program today, and the gym performed perfectly. i’m very happy with it and looking forward to getting into shape with it. thanks and take care.

  3. Hi Mj

    Great !!! so already started loosing hard earn fat…

    Take care


    1. i’m trying to Anurag! i’m adhering to a low carb diet too, and on alternating days i’m doing cardio/aerobic exercise. i’ll let you know how i’m making out from time to time. thanks and take care!

  4. WOW… thats is a really good price. It would be hard to find something like that at that price here in the USA…and if you did… you would most likey have to transport it home AND assemble it yourself. That alone would be a workout 🙂

    So yeah… you now have none… zero… zilch excuses for getting into shape… unless you start to have problems with your back that you had… uhhh…about 20 years ago.
    mike01905´s last post ..2011 World of Wheels in Boston

    1. hi Mike. yup, no excuses now. my back is fine as long as i don’t do something wrong. working out properly actually helps it. thanks Mike.

  5. Looks like a pretty cool gym. Make sure you use it. I lost 10kg last year just through intense excercise (well I worked hard until I got shin splints). Just do what you can but make sure you have a workout schedule you commit too and you will probably achieve your fitness goals.

    I also found that eating right is very important. Have to eat the right food and not too much of it (but that was for losing weight). Not sure what your fitness goals are. Anyway, I wish you luck on your fitness journey and I am sure you will succeed.

    You are right – its a nice gym and at NTD14k (with installation and free gift) not bad considering something like the TRX system sells in Taiwan for 9k (and its just bits of canvas straps) your system is really cheap.

    I need to get back on the excercise horse too – lol – once again – good luck
    Paul´s last post ..Ride Over Yangmingshan

    1. hi Paul. good advice for sure. in my youth, i was a body builder and i’ve spent years in the gym, so i have a lot of experience. i used with an Android app for my Galaxy S mobile phone and i made a 3 day general routine for working out. it consists of 11 exercises that i do with this new gym and also a few on the older Total Gym. i keep track of the weights and reps on the app, and it syncs to the website so i have an accurate log of what i did. the app times the rest intervals and prompts me for the next exercise, so the app keeps it fun and interesting. i’m eating a very low carb diet, and also using a carb blocker to assist me with that. i’ve lost 2 KG this week so far. i also do an cardio/aerobic workout on my recumbent trike riding it stationary on a trainer. so all i need to do is stay motivated, and every time i look in the mirror i’m re-motivated to change what i see. thanks Paul, and i hope you can get back into exercising too! take care and thanks for the encouragement.

      1. Seems you have a great plan for the workout. I will check out My hardest thing last year was to find motivation. I did P90X (not sure if you heard of it) and basically did a daily log of my progress on facebook – got lots of people supporting me – it helped a lot – and I think that helps a lot is finding people to support you and doing something you like (I love cycling and walking so do a lot of both – weights not so much) but finding what you enjoy helps to keep it going.

        Good on you for losing 2kg so quick and keep at it – you are right to say the mirror is a good motivation so keep checking to make sure (lol). Anyway I look forward to reading about your progress here on your blog – it should be interesting to follow – as for me, I think I will start again soon – my shin splints are better (really cant do much with shin splints) so should be able to push hard (actually I have started, just slowly).

        Once again good luck
        Paul´s last post ..Turkish Delight Pt 02- Picturesque Marmaris

        1. Paul i really appreciate your words of encouragement. i’m going to do updates but not too frequently so not to overwhelm the blog with this topic. take care and lets us know how you’re making out with your program.

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