Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

Photos by MJ Klein – FOOD PHOTOS!

The next few days of our Thai-Lao trip were interesting and now you’ll get to see some of the dishes we enjoyed.

One of the evenings, I tried a Lao “whisky bucket” which (I didn’t know at the time) is meant for several people to drink at once:

Day 5, Vang Vieng

I had them hold the Red Bull (I don’t get drinking Red Bull at all) and just stick with the whisky and the mixer.  It was good and in reality not as much liquor as it might appear.

We decided that we wanted to try some of the local Chinese cuisine, so we checked out a Chinese restaurant.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

This is “kung bao ji ding” which is a spicy dish with fiery red peppers and peanuts.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

This is sliced pork ears with scallion and cilantro.  It sure was a lot better than it might sound.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

One of my hobbies is eating “ma po tofu” in as many places around the world that I can find it.  This version was pretty good, with just the right amount of hot spices.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

An all time favorite: snow peas.  Great with garlic!

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

I think they call this stuff “Chinese cabbage.”   I call it “good eating!”

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Days

This is pan fried cabbage with chicken meat.  Such a simple dish and yet so good.

Thai-Lao Trip Food: The Next Few Daysl

This shrimp dish was an evening meal for me in Viang Vieng.

Day 5, Vang Vieng

Previously, I mentioned that this was some of the grilled fare on offer in the evening in Vang Vieng, but I have to confess that it looked a lot better than it really was.  I tried the sausage and it was very disappointing.

We’ll be wrapping up this series soon and then moving on to the next one.  We have some great dining experiences coming up so be sure not to miss out by subscribing to our blog using one of the methods in the upper left column.

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  1. MJ, I’ll bet you polished the whole thing off before they laughed and told you for everyone ha ha . Sorry no comments lately have had mega company from the US and you know they want to go everywhere and I get to be Mr. Taxi to bad I don’t have a meter ha ha take care and give the misses a big hello from Ciejay and Me , and even if I don’r have the time to comment I always read take care . Malcolm
    malcolm´s last post ..FUN DAY AT THE ELEPHANT CAMP

    1. Malcolm, as i told Mike, no one else wanted any of it! i bet i could have found some local people willing to drink it with me though! haha always glad to have you comment here, Malcolm. and yes i do know what it’s like to have company and take them all around to see everything. i know you’re enjoying it too! hehe take care.

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  3. Hello Klein,

    Your picture make me hungry always.
    “Mabo tofu” is one of popular foods here too.
    Of course, I like it.
    Lately, it is humid and strange weather here,
    so, I’d like to eat spicy one.

    Have a nice weekend !

    1. hi Emi. i also enjoy mapo tofu, and it’s my hobby to try it in as many places as possible. it’s hot where we are now and i wish i could try it now! thanks Emi and take care.

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