This Week in Food, Part One

Food and other photos by MJ Klein

It’s been awhile since we featured some food photos for our foodie readers, so I think it’s time for a few articles about food.  We hope that everyone has enjoyed the holidays and didn’t eat too much!

Dinner Last Night

Hui-chen’s sister came over for a few days, and we took them to a place in Hukou that I like to call “the noisy restaurant” because typically people there are very loud. It was almost empty this evening though.  Here we see Hui-chen on the left checking out the menu and ordering dishes with the boss lady taking the order.

Dinner Last Night

These are famous Taiwan mountain vegetables, and this is one of my favorite dishes.  I can’t tell you how good this was!

Dinner Last Night

Egg drop soup.

Dinner Last Night

Deep fried oysters.  This is another Bushman favorite!

Dinner Last Night

Steamed whitefish.

Dinner Last Night

Clam and gourd with ginger.

Dinner Last Night

This shot shows the destruction that was the result of this meal.

Dinner Last Night

This dish was really cool.  These are pork short-ribs in a sweet and sour sauce.  Similar to dishes I’ve had in the US, this one went down all too easy!

But I digress for a moment:

Dinner Last Night

This place put in a nice smoke removal system and I must say that it worked very well as the only other people who were there, where smoking like a factory and we didn’t smell a thing.

All in all it was a great time with some excellent Taiwanese food.

Next up is a meal we had in Hsinchu in the SOGO department store food court.

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  1. That food looks great. Got to agree with you on the mountain veg and fried oysters – they are some of my favorites as well. Nice to see the smoke removal system in a restaurant but they won’t need it soon – it’ll be illegal to smoke in public (from Jan 11th). Fines are as much as NT$50000 for a first offence (to the restaurant), so dining will hopefully become a nicer experience.

    cfimagess last blog post..Free January Wallpaper

    1. i should show you a few places around here Craig, where we could sample that cuisine – starting with our Monday night market!

      someone told me that the new anti-smoking law is bogus and that no one will follow it. it’s designed not to make people stop smoking, but rather to collect the fines and put money into the government coffers.

  2. MJ looked like great food. The spare ribs, wow. Anti smoking rules have been running in Australia for a few years now and have now become a lot stricter. Even here in Ubon most places follow the rules since they come in last year. If I am at a restuarant and someone does light up, I quickly inform the waitress or waiter who passes on the message.

    Most places are very quick to tell people they cannot smoke. I too like you were a little worried, especially here in Thailand because of the corruption and also thought this would just mean padding another government officers pocket.

    I hHappy New Year MJ and Hui Chen, hope 2009 is very succesful in business and also personally as well for you.

    Bruntys last blog post..Thai Festival Food, Isaan Thailand.

  3. Deep fried oysters… can you get deep fried clams in Taiwan?? I know clams were first fried in Essex, Mass… but don’t know if that is something that they do in Taiwan.

    1. i’ve never seen deep fried clams here. clam dishes are stir fried, typically, or soups. i supposed you could ask but they are pretty small here.

  4. You never seen deep fried clams in Taiwan.

    Hmmmm… maybe you can start something new. You can be the Lawrence Henry “Chubby” Woodman (the person that developed the modern deep-fried, batter-dipped clams at his restaurant in Essex on July 3, 1916) of Taiwan 🙂

  5. Looks like good food. I’ve been living in Hukou for 5 1/2 years, but I don’t recognize this restaurant. It’s not near the train station, is it? Can you post the address? I might write it up in my (shameless plug 😉 Taiwan Expatriate Food Blog [] if it’s not too expensive.

    LaoTair’Uans last blog post..Atemoyas & Cherimoyas

    1. just under the title is a link called “Show on map.” clicking that link will give you the location of the article, and in this case, the restaurant location on Google maps. there are many great Thai, Filipino and even Vietnam places in Hukou and maybe you should come here for a day to check them out.

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