Blogtoberfest Fun

UPDATE: Originally sent from my mobile phone at the party, I wanted to update this post and declare the party a rousing success.  I’ll give my detailed account beginning with the planning stages right up to the end and after the party ended.
I want to personally thank everyone who attended, and especially to Mr. Michael Turton for putting up with my party theatrics (more on that later).  Michael is a good sport!
Thanks to Andres for the videos!
Party fun!

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  1. Great seeing you and Hui-chen MJ! Cathy and I had a wonderful time! I’m very appreciative of the comments you made about my photos at the beginnings of the introductions. You caught me off guard but what you said really means a lot!

    Todds last blog post..Daily Photo – Choo Choo!

    1. Todd » nothing but the truth, Todd 🙂 i look at your photos and i usually say “wow” out loud!

      thanks for coming to the party! Cathy is a delightful person and i enjoyed meeting her finally.

  2. mj, you bet the party was a success! we had a lot of fun as usual. just wanted to say thank you to hui-chen and yourself again for putting this together and being great hosts as always. it’s all very very high appreciated!

    andress last blog post..bushman’s blogtoberfest

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