10/19 Blogger Meetup in Taipei

Hui-chen and I went up to Taipei on Sunday evening to meet up with some bloggers at an informal gathering hosted by Byron, of Textura Design, and Bike Hugger.  It was a nice group of tech types with talk about blogging, politics and of course, technology.  There are other accounts of the event worth reading, and with some great photos:

Darren Melrose Great photos!

IslaFormosa Apparently there was sausage?  I didn’t see any sausage!  I love sausage! Nevermind, smartass (see comments).

Textura Design Thanks for hosting this event Byron!

Taipei Blogger Party Video Thanks Mark!

Taipei Mixer

Now, I have to tell about a funny thing that happened.  There was a giveaway of some cool stuff (technically, called “scwhag).  Byron asked if he could use my hat to put cards into for the drawing.  I had no objection of course (except that my hat was a bit sweaty!).  But I suggested to Byron that I should disqualify myself from the drawings because my hat was being used, and if I were to win the top prize, well, it could be considered a conflict of interest.  Of course, I was joking and Byron laughed it off saying it didn’t matter.

I won the top prize….

Here is the video, embedded for your convenience:

Thanks to Byron and his colleagues for having us!

See you at Blogtoberfest on October 25th!

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  1. The jokes on you! In fact ‘sausage fest’ means too many males and not enough females. Get it? Sausages?

    You may have to ‘eat’ your words.
    “Apparently there was sausage? I didn’t see any sausage! I love sausage!”

    Sorry, that was the best laugh I’ve had in a long time!

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