Nikon D-80 Blues

As you probably remember, I sent my D-80 to the repair shop to fix the hot pixels problem.  Back when I had a Nikon Coolpix 5700, it also had developed hot pixels.  I downloaded a free Russian software application that connected to my camera via USB and solved the problem in about 1 hour.  Today, after 4 weeks I finally got my D-80 back!  It never left the camera shop though.  The hot pixel problem is solved, but something happened to the Menu button in the process.  I have to press the Menu button down really hard to make it work.  That was not an original problem and something happened to it while at the repair shop.  So, my D-80 turned right around and went back today.

Needless to say I am something less than happy.  Something a lot less than happy!

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    1. andres » i would prefer the D300. that’s all the camera i’ll ever need! perhaps if i could get someone to buy my D80 with the battery holder….

  1. So far I haven’t had a problem with any of my cameras where I’ve had to send them back.

    11 years ago after I bought my first digital camera (a Sony FD-71 camera that had a floppy drive in it… no memory stick) there were reports of various problems that camera had… but I never had any problems with it (I still own that camera and it still works fine).

    Then when I had my Sony DSC-F717 camera… there was some sort of problem with that camera. You could only send the camera back to Sony if you’re camera had this problem (I think it was with the CCD sensor). Again… my camera never showed the signs of that problem too.

    I guess I’ve been somewhat lucky when it comes to cameras.

    I have had problems with things I’ve sent in for repair for one problem and then it came back with another problem. Not sure if you remember the problem I had with my FT-727R. I sent it to Yaesu to have the BNC replaced and when it came back… it would “squeal” on transmit when touching the battery pack (it went back and forth with Yaesu like 6 times in 8 months). I’ll never forget when HRO had a Yaesu Day about 2 years later and the head of the tech department was there and when I mentioned the problems I had with an HT… the guy responded with… oh, that was your radio.

    1. mike01905 » i haven’t had problems like this with Nikon before – in fact, my repair experiences have been very good. but in those cases, there wasn’t anyone in the middle. my Coolpix 5700 had a problem with the shutter release button and the Nikon factory responded by replacing it. when that until had some fatal error a month later, the factory sent me a new production model. i kept that one for the duration, and that is the one that i show on my blog as looking like it’s been through a war:

      in this situation, i took the camera back to the store, and they sent it to an authorized repair center in Taipei. i didn’t send it back to the factory because there is no factory in Taiwan.

      i do vaguely recall your problems with that radio. did they ever get it resolved?

      thanks Mike.

    1. Stevo » i should have asked one of the 3 guys that were in the store with broken Canons that day. 😉

      this doesn’t happen with Nikons either, as long as you send them to the factory.

  2. I couldn’t resist getting an anti-Nikon dig in. 🙂

    I bought a Canon 50 f/1.4 lens, it didn’t work from the get-go. There is a known problem but Canon hasn’t changed the design. Giant pain.

    Stevos last blog post..Video of Tropical Storm Nuri

    1. Stevo » geesh, i don’t know why! Nikon has wireless remote flash (no cables) capability built in, auto-ISO and auto contrast enhance settings. oh, it must be a case of Nikon envy!

      wow that sucks about the lens. how are you supposed to use a piece of equipment if it doesn’t work out of the box?

      how did you end up resolving that one? thanks Stevo.

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