My Aging Nikon Coolpix 5700

I supposed that it was bound to happen sometime, but my Nikon Coolpix 5700 has finally developed a problem so severe that I cannot use it anymore. Fortunately, Nikon has a service bulletin out that says they will fix it for free!

I purchased the camera in late 2002 (a month after it became available) for US$ 1,100 cash. The first camera went with me to Taiwan and back, and then crapped out. A “refurbished” replacement lasted less than one month. A letter to Nikon requesting a brand-new production replacement was granted and that is the one I currently own.

This camera was purchased in the US, and has been to (many of these places multiple times) Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia (Borneo), Thailand and Laos. I have taken well over 16,000 photos with it. If this camera could talk, it would tell tales of exotic model photography to remote expeditions. The rubber on the hand grip has been loose for years. The powder coating has rubbed off all over the camera. It has not been abused – just very well used (see Flickr to verify!).

The other side of the camera shows signs of wear as well. In general, the coating has blistered all over the camera body.

A few weeks ago, Hui-chen and I were in Thailand where I noticed a problem while taking photographs in the new airport. While seemingly normal, there is too much red/pink tone in the shot.

But at certain zoom lengths, the CCD/exposure system is completely fooled and I get this!

I’ll be sending this trooper of a camera back to Nikon USA for repair!

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