Taiwanese Food Photos

Photos by MJ Klein

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
Truth be told, my wife cooks some fantastic meals. If I photograph every one of them it would fill a blog in of itself. Even though I only photograph a portion of the meals she prepares, there are still many photos. Good thing that I host our photos on flickr!

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
I love these greens. The garlic flavor is just perfect. I could eat an entire dish of them by myself. Oh yeah…. I did.

Homecooked Taiwanese Food
This mushroom dish was unbelievable. Hui-chen got the recipe from her sister Hui-lien. I cannot describe the flavor, but I will tell you that it’s unlike anything Hui-chen has cooked before.

I’ll show you more dishes soon, I promise!

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  1. Joanna » here it is, according to Hui-chen:

    1. 2 types of mushrooms, “western mushroom” or “little white” and one other kind (just whatever you want).
    2. cherry tomatoes.
    3. mashed garlic
    4. white pepper
    5. soy sauce
    6. sugar
    7. cilantro (corriander) “shiang tsai”
    8. basil

    the hard part is knowing how much of these ingredients to use Joanna, but you are experienced enough to try it. the mushrooms should be dry to begin with, and HC says to heat up the mushrooms in the wok dry, without oil to “make the flavor come out.” take the mushrooms out of the wok, and add oil to the wok. add garlic, the mushrooms and tomatoes (in that order) to the wok and cook slow to medium heat. add pepper, soy sauce and sugar to taste. Hui-chen say that the liquid is from the mushrooms and tomatoes plus the soy sauce. while that’s cooking, chop up the cilantro and add it, plus the basil a few minutes before the dish is finished. it’s really simple she says. cooking time is about 5 to 10 minutes.
    let us know how yours turns out Joanna! thanks!

  2. owshawng » now you’re talking! i have another shot of those greens (a different dish) that show the purple garilc. it was great! thanks and take care.

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