Taiwanese Teppanyaki

Even more food photos by MJ Klein

Teppanyaki (teppan’yaki?) is a type of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word “teppanyaki” is derived from teppan (??), which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled.

So, now you know where this style of cooking originates. We don’t use an iron griddle, but rather a modern version of it – a teppanyaki pan. One puts a bit of oil in the bottom and heats up the pan, then adds food to it. What makes the flavor unique is adding your own personal sauce mixture to the cooking food. Here, let me show you:

Teppanyaki Taiwan Style
This is the teppanyaki pan after the first round of food has been added and before the sauce. The removable pan sits on a base and is heated by induction. The range of heat control is excellent. You can boil, fry and keep food warm without burning it. This is a very versatile pan and it’s really great for unexpected guests because you can throw an excellent meal together in minutes.

Teppanyaki at Home
This is another example of a finished teppanyaki dish that we recently enjoyed. Next I’ll show you what the first dish looks like after adding the sauce and then we’ll let the dish brown up nicely.

Teppanyaki Taiwan Style
Just a bit of sauce has been added at this point. The meat is cooking nicely. Notice how the sauce is not burning. The heat control is so precise that the pan cooks the food without excessive heat. As a result the food is moist and tender.

Teppanyaki Taiwan Style
Oh yes – the aroma is making me hungry!

Teppanyaki Taiwan Style
Hui-chen added cubed tofu to the dish, and now she’s adding more sauce. Of course, the sauce is her own concoction of stuff from our kitchen.

Teppanyaki Taiwan Style
After the meat is close to being done, Hui-chen adds broccoli. The pan is then covered (not shown) for about 5 minutes.

Teppanyaki Taiwan Style
This is the result of the above process. Thoe are her famous meatballs on the left, slicked pork at the top, and the tofu to the right. There are also sliced onions and mushrooms present in the mix. Tofu works very well in this dish because it absorbs all the wonderful flavors of the other ingredients.

I’m sorry to report that nothing survived this meal….

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  1. What I really like in the 6th picture is Hui Chen’s left hand with her wedding band. It evokes an image of a loving wife cooking a delicious meal for her family around dinner time when soon everyone will sit down to eat.

    What cozy and warm feeling!

  2. Joanna » what a wonderful thing to say! i also noticed the ring when i was reviewing the photos and i remember putting it on her finger on that special day…. Hui-chen is a truly wonderful woman and i am a blessed man! thanks again Joanna 🙂

  3. Brunty » Brunty, i really appreciate your kind comments…. but at the moment i’m thinking about poor Latte. it’s so sad…. sorry for your loss. i encourage our readers to read the story themselves. thanks for taking the time to visit our blog Brunty. take care my friend.

  4. MJ. I thank you for being so kind with your condolences. We all have to die sadly at some point in our lives but hopefully at a much later date.

    When a family member of friend passes away it hurts as you have loved them, shared special memories with them. It is the same as an animal; you bring it into your home and it becomes family.

    Life still goes on but I have many great memories in the short six months of having Latte in our lives and many pictures and things lying around to remind us of him and his brother Mocha.

    Again MJ, thanks for being supportive and the kind words my friend.

    Jason and Noot.
    Noot also cried, she was very upset when I woke her at 6.30am to tell her about Latte’s fate. He was an endearing little fellow.

    Brunty’s last blog post..Thailand. Sport’s Day Show pictures.

  5. Brunty » i was going to ask how the women were doing. i know they are quite sad about what happened. you did a good thing by spending that last night beside Latte so you could head them off in case of trouble. it’s bad enough that you told them about it, but if Noot or Ben had actually found him in that condition, well, you get my meaning.

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