A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

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Up in the mountains at the factory where we do much of our work, Hui-chen and I were invited by Tony Lin to attend a lunch hosted by the elementary school across the road from the factory. The lunch was a party for the 9 graduating student (it’s a small village). We were delighted to attend and enjoy the Hakka style dishes.

Tony (red shirt) is enjoying the food while the school principal eyes the camera.


The food was great!

Hui-chen dishes out some of the excellent Hakka soup.

It was a good sized party for a small school. And there was no lack of food and Taiwan beer (an impossibility in the US at a school function).

One of the gentlemen invited us to his karaoke place after lunch. He said it was “500 meters” up the road. How could we refuse? After all this food and beer I needed someone to wheel me out of there, I’m telling you!

We met at the entrance to the karaoke which is situated high on the mountain near Tony’s factory.

Views from the entrance:

The karaoke:

It’s one of those simple corrugated affairs that we all know and love here in Taiwan. Its perfect for a mountaintop hangout.

Hui-chen and I sit and watch….

While Tony belts out a few tunes. A 9th generation native Taiwanese, Tony speaks Hakka, Taiwanese, Mandarin and English.

I speak English and Taiwan Beer.

These critters are local residents of the mountain and they frequently fly in for a visit. You should come up for a visit too. Plenty of Taiwan ambiance and fun!

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