Preparations for Coming Weekend

Photos by MJ Klein

Today I spent some time burning out the Dutch ovens for this weekend.  We are attending the Geocaching Woodstock event in Taipei on June 30.  We will camp out overnight and I’m going to cook in the Dutch Ovens, so I needed to burn them out from the last time I used them.  This is what the event is all about:

Intents:1. Cachers who live in middle and southern Taiwan area always come to north and hunt so hurriedly in a day. Mr.X would provide them a chance to stay longer for hunting more. (also welcome other cachers and their family)2. Cachers can bring their family to experience what’s camping in a safe and convenient place.3. Exchange travel bugs & geocoins4. Meet other cachers and say hello.

(GC11ZH8) Annual Event II: Taipei Woodstock (2007) by Mr. and Mrs. X ; rjt

Here are the Dutch ovens being burned out:

While I was up on the top floor I decided to go up on the roof and check out our layout and then move one of the tables.

This is our roof and one of the 2 tables with umbrellas (one table does not have the umbrella up right now).

I drilled holes in the umbrella frame and installed shackles so I could attach the hold-down rigging to them.

Then I made rigging with regular wooden tension blocks and snap hooks as one would do with tent rigging, to hold the umbrellas in place.

Today I decided to move the picnic style table and to attach the hold-down rigging to the table itself (the base is 15KG so it’s not going anywhere).

This is the table in it’s new position with the rigging attached to the table itself.  Except for the spigot at the right close to the right seat, its a great place utilizing wasted space.  There is a great view of the road from this table now.

View of the other table.  I’m going to move it next time.  The reddish building in the background is the one that 5371 disappeared behind….

We have 4 torches that are filled with anti-mosquito oil.  They look great at night.

Lastly, I want to show you this cool grill table (notice that I did not say “BBQ table!”) that fits around the grill.  The height is adjustable too.  Pretty convenient.

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  1. i’m going to prepare more traditional style American food than the pupu platter. i don’t think they had pupu platters in 1880 but i might be wrong.

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